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When it was revealed yesterday that Zendaya‘s role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming may in fact be as Peter’s number one gal, Mary Jane Watson, people on the internet reacted with wildly different opinions; some of them, of course, were unfortunately similar to the reactions some had to John Boyega in The Force Awakens. Regardless of your own personal opinion, people are bound to have different views—this includes people from the comics industry, as one might expect. One of them has taken to Twitter to lend his opinion on the matter.  (more…)


He had a good run. Doc Ock as Spider-Man, I mean. Just in time for the release of the new Spider-Man movie, comes the all-new first issue of a comic also called The Amazing Spider-Man. The book, written by Dan Slott and drawn by Humberto Ramos, features Peter Parker back in the red and blue tights of your friendly neighborhood web-slinger, and ready for a new adventure, with brand new mystery that has a connection to the hero’s origins. Sounds serious. Want a preview of issue #1? You’ve got it. (more…)


How many Spider-Men have there been over the years? Well, get out your counting finger out because Marvel’s sticking them all in an upcoming storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, Spider-Ham, Iron Spider, Spider-Man 2099… You name him, the Spider-Man of your choice will be there. But what kind of calamity could possibly require the intervention of every Spider-Man from every time and place across the multiverse? Read on… (more…)


Unless you read the monthly adventures of Spider-Man on the comic page, that headline might make no sense to you. Isn’t Peter Parker already Spider-Man? Poor, naive reader, for the past year Spider-Man has really been Dr. Otto Octavius – AKA: Doctor Octopus. Say whaaaaaat? It’s true, through the miracle of body swapping, Doc Ock was able to put himself in Spidey’s youthful, super-powered body and put Peter is his dying husk of a human shell. When the Doc’s body died, so did Peter, but since nothing – except Uncle Ben – stays dead in comics for long Marvel has revealed that “the one, true Spider-Man” is bound for a comeback. From the dead… (more…)

Well, Damn. Marvel Comics Kills [REDACTED]

I’ll stop you right here, right now. If you haven’t read Amazing Spider-Man #700, and would be really upset if you learned what happened before you read it, just stop. We’ll be here for you when you get back.

Otherwise, if you don’t give a shit about spoilers, then by all means, continue.


Holy shit, the Spider-man musical might not be complete and utter crap. After receving some serious rewriting and tweaking from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Hey, would you look at that, a comic book writer with experience writing the character. Why didn’t they think of that before?), Spider-man: Turn of the Dark has been transformed into a halfway decent musical. Spidey fan and writer of the upcoming, The Amazing Spider-man, Dan Slott recently reviewed the revamped show via Twitter,

Yep! I just came back from the ALL-NEW ver of @SpideyOnBway… and, WALOPING WEB-SNAPPERS, it IS new and IMPROVED! WOO-HOO! You know who’s the hero who saved Spidey? Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, that’s who!!! Roberto’s new book and lyrics for @SpideyOnBway are FUN! 🙂 Now, when Spidey fights during TURN OFF THE DARK, he QUIPS!!! He didn’t B4, and now that he does: it’s SPIDEY again! YAY! @SpideyOnBway

Great to hear Spider-man is fun and wisecracking again. His humor is a really important element of his characters, it’s kind of appalling he was portrayed so serious before. In addition to the show lightening up, Slott also raved about the improved stunt choreagraphy, tweeting, “No stopping. Not even once. All good, all the way through! 🙂 And all the stunts and ADDED flying sequences were AWESOME!” You can’t help but be swept up in Slott’s childlike enthusiasm. He’s like a little girl screaming with glee over their favorite teen idol.

The lesson here: Want something fixed? Use a comic book writer! 🙂 In TURN OFF THE DARK, know what Peter says after Uncle Ben dies? “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!” He DIDN’T B4! They FIXED IT!

Peter didn’t originally say the freaking most popular Spider-man quote!? What the hell were the original writers even thinking?! Hadn’t they even watched a commercial for any of the three Raimi flicks where that phrase was peppered incessantly? Come on, people! Sounds like we have a lot to thank Aguirre-Sacasa for, “the hero who saved Spidey.”

Make sure you read Slott’s entire tweeted review, smiley faces, caps and exclamations galore, over at Comics Beat. The future sounds promising for Spider-man on Broadway. Now if they can keep the cast out of the emergency room, things should be okay.

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