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 ABOVE: Poison Ivy cosplay by Abby Dark-Star. What great, big, beautiful, green… eyes she has. What? Were you expecting me to say something else?


This beauty of an internet video hails from the only land so perfectly crazy to imagine it, Japan. It’s the highest quality of internet video too, the animation is really damn good and it’s why this absurdity works. If our favorite Autobots are going to dance around to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at least have them dance well. You’ll want to check this video out, consider it a treat to begin your weekend.

One thing will nag at any true Transformer fan, though. Hot Rod, sorry, Rodimus Prime is the lead dancer and singer. Whaaa? I think we can all agree Optimus Prime is the true leader of the Autobots, dude even came back from the dead to reclaim the Matrix of leadership. Then again, this is from Japan, maybe the Transformers film in which Hot Rod becomes leader is more popular. The video includes other movie favorites, Perceptor and Ultra Magnus. Or Hot Rod could be taking a dive for Optimus. I can’t see the famed Autobot leader shaking his ass like a good pop singer. Note, Hot Rod does. A lot.

source: Topless Robot

Stormtrooper’s Bustin’ A Move To Singin’ In The Rain


Oh internet, how wonderful you are to provide me with hours of entertainment and great things, which gives me the excuse to sit on my fat ass at my desk all day and night. It’s videos like these that just helps me get through the day a whole lot better as this seriously made my morning awesome. In this video, we have a Stormtrooper dancing to a modern remix to the classic Singin’ in the Rain. But the real stars of the video is the Minitroopers that MoonlightMotion added in.

Yes, dancing, Ewok sized Stormtroopers are in this video. Sure, they may be CG but it’s still awesome to see them dance. Also, there is a little cameo from a certain droid that appears in the clip. Am I overreacting to the video? Maybe, but check the video out as the Stormtrooper is really dancing his ass off and the CG is good and won’t hurt your eyes. Who knows, maybe this will make your morning like it did for me.

Source: NeatoGeek