Dancing Groot


When James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy hit theater screens it didn’t take long for fans to wonder where the hell their Dancing baby Groot toy was. In fact, many couldn’t, and wouldn’t wait so they went ahead and made their own. It seemed like such a no brainer, the Internet exploded when dancing Groot clips started to hit, but why no official toy? Now James Gunn has spilled the beans on No-Dancing-Baby-Groot-Gate. (more…)


Since earlier today I seem to have spoiled a Guardians of the Galaxy surprise with the Howard the Duck Post for those of you that just came out of a two-week coma, those returning from a couple of weeks in solitary for shanking their cellmate with a sharpen spoon handle, and that one guy that bought and drank a colossally large Diet Coke and although he gave it a valiant effort had to go pee right at the end of the movie and thus missed this GOTG scene, I am posting a spoiler alert right here, before the page break. (more…)