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He’s not really a superhero per se, but Harry Potter is a hero, and his magic might well qualify as a super-power in the right light. So let’s just call Harry Potter a superhero, one that Daniel Radcliffe literally grew up playing, and given his post-Potter career, he’s definitely tried to teeter away from blockbusters, and special effects, and all those other trappings that are as synonymous with the Harry Potter films, as they are with, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. So what would it take to get Radcliffe to save the day again? How about webshooters and a skin-tight red and blue outfit?  (more…)


There are certain things that come with being British like an accent, allegiance to the Queen, and a fondness for bizarre sounding foods like “blood pudding” being examples. If you’re a British actor though, the entitlement extends to an appearance in the franchise of your choice whether it’s Harry Potter, Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones. Of course, sometimes those actors can appear in any combination of the three, and indeed there’s been a lot of crossover between them already. But how about this: What if Harry Potter himself were to appear on Game of Thrones? Well Daniel Radcliffe is game if the right opportunity came up. (more…)


Earlier this month, the synopsis for the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was announced. It was the assumption of many that the two-part play would take place in the world of Potter, but was not necessarily going to be about the Boy That Lived, kind of like the upcoming film trilogy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was all the more surprising than when it was revealed that The Cursed Child is all about Potter. But you know who won’t be in the play? Harry Potter, and by that we mean Daniel Radcliffe, the boy/man who played Potter for 10 years and eight movies. (more…)


20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for director Paul McGuigan‘s (Lucky Number Slevin, Push) retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic tale of mad science and monsters, Victor Frankenstein. James McAvoy plays Victor along with Daniel Radcliffe as Igor. Now this time around Igor isn’t the hunchbacked creepy guy, in fact he is Igor Strausman, the equally brilliant scientific protegé of Frankenstein. Check out the first trailer after the jump. (more…)


Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie ‘Horns’ looks like a mix of comedy and horror. Not the kind of gory horror that we got from Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead,’ and definitely not the kind of slapstick comedy we found in his ‘Evil Dead 2’. But there’s a seriously disturbing tone to this supernatural story and the concept is pretty silly: the townsfolk think this guy killed his girlfriend and they look on him as something of a monster. So he gradually becomes one,  slowly sprouting horns on his head and seemingly becoming either a devil or a demon. Mandalay and Red Granite Pictures have adapted this story from Joe Hill’s novel. And now we have an international trailer for this piece. Check it out on the other side – it’s a bevy of dark fun and unsettling images. (more…)


Celebrities don’t always walk the San Diego Comic Con convention floor (for obvious reasons), but when they do, they do so incognito. Trotting around the exhibit floor in disguise, passing unsuspicious fans, some of which even ask to take a photo and being none the wiser. Can you imagine taking some goofy thumbs-up photo with what you thought was a fan like you in cosplay, only to find out later you stood mere inches from greatness. Missing the chance to engage and inquire with a celebrity whose work you’ve loved and been inspired by? Blasted! Either way you’re certainly left with a story to tell.

For SDCC 2014, we reveal Comic Con’s biggest celebrities who dared to dance amongst fans cunningly disguised by a mask. (more…)


Fans of Daniel Radcliffe will be happy to know that we’ve got some more tidbits from his latest flick, Horns. Oh, it’s also for fans of Joe Hill’s original book, but Radcliffe’s name carries more weight, so we mention him first. All kidding aside, the latest trailer is making the movie look very, very watchable, particularly if you’re into tragic modern fantasy. Scroll on to take a look at the latest poster for Horns as well as the new trailer. (more…)


J.K. Rowling is apparently working on the screenplay for a new movie in the Harry Potter universe: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, according to Warner Bros. (and totally unbeknownst to me….BAD NERD!). The film will take place before the HP series as we know it, so it’s unlikely any of the younger characters will be making appearances–but this hasn’t stopped folks from plying Daniel Radcliffe with questions regarding his involvement with the prequel.