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Gotham season one was a success for Fox, the Batman-prequel series brought in enough viewers to guarantee not just a full-season order, but an early renewal for the second season. But while audiences seem to be at least satisfied with what Gotham‘s doings, critical and fan reaction has been decidedly mixed. If there is a gripe to be had that’s universal, it’s the series’ obsession with skating on the hype of doing prequel versions of every last single member of Batman’s rogues gallery, but there’s still some members who haven’t got their time in the spotlight yet. On deck for season two, according to the producers, The Joker and Mr. Freeze. (more…)


The highly anticipated new series Gotham is already promising to go into excruciating detail about the origins of many members of Batman’s rogues gallery. The Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman all already have a part to play in the show, and so far only the pilot’s been shot. The producers have also alluded to another big bad saying that “the seeds for Joker have been planted” in the series set-up. So are we to take this as an indication that every Dark Knight villain is going to get an origin story in Gotham? According to series director and executive producer Danny Cannon, the answer is maybe. (more…)


It’s not easy being one of Gotham City’s top cops, there’s more scrutiny, second guessing, and editorializing by the media than the average person can handle, and that’s just from the Batman fans. Actor Donal Logue is going to have to get used to all the naval gazing since he’s playing the role of Detective Harvey Bullock in the new Fox series Gotham, but from the sounds of it, he’s already prepared for the passion Bat-fans will bring to bear on his new series should it not meet their high expectations. “That fan base is the most ardent, loyal — sometimes super-critical,” the actor said, “but they think critically about it because they care about it.” (more…)


The jury’s still out on whether fans should get excited about this new Batman project or ready themselves for a disappointment on par with “Batdance,” but when it comes to the Caped Crusader, it’s pretty hard to screw up Alfred. Really, just cast an older British dude and your job’s half done. So on that level, congratulations Gotham producers, you’ve won this round. Scan below to see the first publicity picture of actor Sean Pertwee as (future) Batman’s most trusted ally. (more…)

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In yet another move to dominate the super hero television market, DC is creating a series based on the adventures of James Gordon back when he was a younger and more virile cop. Titled Gotham, the show is just getting started and one of the first steps is to find a director that can make the pilot interesting enough that people will tune in to watch. Well, it looks like they’ve found their director in the form of one Danny Cannon. (more…)