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SDCC 2018: Panel and Features Round-Up!

Happy San Diego Comic-Con! As the festivities begin, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest spots and coolest features to check out as you enjoy the event. Enjoy and find your favorite things! Or make sure not to miss something you’d die for. But overall, have a great time during this awesome experience.


buffy s 11 press

Who doesn’t love the Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The show where normal teenage high school cheerleader Buffy Summers finds out that not only is the paranormal real, it’s her job to kick it in the teeth—and boy, does she ever. The TV show, a re-imagining and update (created by Avengers and Firefly director Joss Whedon) of the movie of the same name, ran from 1997 ’til 2003 for seven seasons. Fans could not get enough of it; despite the show ending, people clamored for more of Buffy and the gang, which resulted in an ongoing series to continue the story. This resulted in three more seasons in comic form. Now, this fall, the story will continue again. (more…)


The big announcement coming from Emerald City Comi Con,  pits three of the universe’s most feared figures against one another this summer in the ultimate science-fiction crossover battle: Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens! For fans of the 2012 sci-fi comic film-adaptation  of Dredd starring Karl Urban,  this Dark Horse Comics title featuring the one-man judge, jury and executioner, will quell the ache left behind from the lack of a sequel.  Find out more after the jump



Last week, Dark Horse Comics finally released a huge selection of its back catalog on the Comixology app. This means several amazing series that weren’t previously available now are. To celebrate the new addition, Comixology is offering several of these series at discounted prices.

While Marvel and DC are often considered the top dogs in the comic world right now, Dark Horse has produced some of the greatest comics and characters in the medium for almost 30 years now. No small feat against those power houses. This sale is a perfect opportunity to explore and rediscover the company’s distinct quality and presence. But, bearing in mind how tempt—I mean crazy it would be to spend a month’s worth of paychecks on all of these fine books, I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. To keep the list somewhat objective and brief, I opted for title that had the best deals price-wise and will read well on the Comixology app.

So which Dark Horse title will you bet on?  (more…)


The Walt Disney Company‘s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012 covered all levels of the Star Wars machine. Sure, it meant new movies and TV projects, but it also meant that all facets of Star Wars would be brought under the Disney umbrella, and one of those spokes is Marvel Comics. The move meant that the popular, expansive expanded universe created by Dark Horse Comics would come to an end, but it was a good piece of corporate synergy, and not only that, it would be a homecoming for the Star Wars brand, which first took comic form at Marvel in the 70s. Fans have been waiting to see what the House of Mouse and Ideas had in store, and today your imagination is somewhat teased with a press release and some art that suggests a blast from the past. (more…)


Despite their own history with Star Wars, many fans bristled when it was revealed that Marvel Comics would take over the Star Wars comic book license from Dark Horse Comics. Debuting its first Star Wars book back in 1986, Dark Horse had solidified its brand and enhanced the Star Wars expanded universe over the course of almost three decades, but in the end, they suffered from one fatal flaw — they weren’t a part of the Disney family — and now we’re at a point where Star Wars fans have been waiting for some time to know what happens with the baton is passed.

Thanks to the Cup O’ Joe Marvel Comics panel at San Diego Comic Con today, we have a good idea and it seems that Star Wars is about to be put into the care of some very capable hands.  (more…)

Pryde’s Picks 3/26/14 – Comic Book Reviews


EDITORS NOTE: In partnership with Youtube personality Kelly Carlton (aka F’N Pryde), we bring you another weekly installment of badass, foul mouthed comic book reviews. So without further ado here’s F’N Pryde with her weekly comic book rundown. It’s  ”Pryde’s Picks!”

Convention hangovers are the worst. Upon returning home you realize you left any bit of self dignity you had on the bathroom floor with that Furry Sonic the Hedgehog suit or… maybe that’s just me? Megacon is over and after many hot showers I’m back to my old comic raging self. Lets spin dash to the good stuff already! (more…)


Last month, we told you about the return of Firefly — in comic book form — to the known verse, but we didn’t know when the book would touch down, or who would be piloting it. Thanks to the deluge of info coming out of this weekend’s New York Comic Con, now we do, but beyond a continuation of Firefly‘s legacy, is this project the perfect back-up plan to guard against the defection of Star Wars?


blood brothers 1

Anybody can write a “buddy comedy”, but Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller are bringing something extra to the genre, mining the deep wells of their decades long friendship to craft a tale about eternal buddydom, vampires, the end of the world, and Vegas, baby.

Propelled by their extreme chemistry, Blood Brothers is a genuinely funny book and Gagerman and Waller offer up a bit of humor in this exclusive interview that touches on foot fetishes, Garfield 3, Joe Piscopo, avoiding vampire tropes, and friendship… which is magic.

Was the relationship between Nick and Tree inspired by your own long-term friendship, and are there certain characteristics in each character that you guys share?

Waller: We’ve been friends since high school and a lot of the stuff we write involves characters who have been friends for a long time.

Gagerman: Did we put anything in there specifically?

Waller: Tree has a foot fetish thing like you do.

Gagerman: No he doesn’t.

Waller: I know, I just wanted NerdBastards readers to get to know you better.

blood brothers 1

What’s the division of labor like for you two while writing the book? Is Etan Cohen involved at all, or was his contribution limited to the development process?

Waller: We tend to outline together and then one of us goes off and writes, then the other one rewrites, and it goes back and forth until our editor Jim Gibbons sends us a threatening email.

Gagerman: He’s very careful not to make his threats overt. They are subtle but effective. Etan Cohen wrote a very funny screenplay about Nick and Tree and we used it as the template for the characters but we’ve never met the dude.

You’re both denying that you came to this because you got confused and thought Etan Cohen was Ethan Coen, ala Bill Murray and his stated reason for joining Garfield, right? 

Gagerman: Andrew did this for the same reason he does everything to get out from under the massive debts he incurs betting big on Jai alai.

Waller: Hey do you think they’re doing a Garfield 3? We should talk to our agents, I need that gig.

The flashback panels that show Nick and Tree appearing all throughout some of the more famous and infamous moments in human history: what made you decide that their past would be so Forrest Gump like and glamorous?

Gagerman: Well that’s just the stuff we showed. There was that long stretch where all Nick and Tree did was smoke opium in Beijing whore houses.

Waller: It’s just the law of averages. If you’re around for a thousand years you are bound to bump into some famous people. Like, even I met Bo Jackson once.

What are some of the cinematic inspirations for Nick and Tree’s chemistry? A little Dead Heat, perhaps?

Gagerman: Oh man, remember when Piscopo was king? I used to watch Johnny Dangerously on a continuous loop.

Waller: We were going for more of a Denzel Washington and Bob Hoskins in Heart Condition vibe.

Gagerman: To be honest, we looked at Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour as templates for their relationship. That sort of action comedy vibe.

Waller: Also Turner and Hooch.

dead heat

What are the vampire tropes that you’re trying to stay away from, and what are some of your favorite vamp shows and films?

Gagerman: Lost Boys. Both Corey’s at the height of their game.

Waller: We were trying to look at vampirism as an actual virus. Make it as grounded as possible. So the reflection thing is gone, the garlic is gone.

Gagerman: Why would a cross do anything? I mean, what if you were a Jewish vampire, or a Buddhist vampire, what’s the cross mean to you?

Waller: If you were an atheist vampire and a cross burned you, you’d be pretty pissed.

Tell me a little bit about working with Evan Shaner and the character design. Do I detect a bit of Christopher Lee in Ian’s appearance?

Gagerman: Funny you’d say Christopher Lee. Our inspiration was Christoph Waltz, so you’re close.

Waller: Shaner has been a great collaborator. He has such a great style, it’s grounded but fun. We sent him a bunch of images for various characters as we saw them, sometimes he would use them, sometimes he’d have his own ideas for what the characters should look like. He’s done an excellent job.

What can readers expect going forward, particularly with regard to the scale of mayhem that we’re in for if Quadilla returns?

Gagerman: There will be a blood bath on the floor of a casino we are very excited about.

Waller: Ian has some big, end of the world scenarios in his head. Our guys are gonna have their fangs full.

Gagerman: Fangs full? That wasn’t even close. That’s the kind of crap I would take out during the rewrite process.

Waller: And add in some weird close up of a girl’s feet.

Gagerman: That has never happened.

Blood Brothers #2 comes out tomorrow, August 21st. You can procure it at your local comic book shop and on Dark Horse Digital. 

cc comics (1)

Joe Casey has built a hell of a career out of putting words in the mouths of superheroes, but now — perhaps more than ever before — he’s deconstructing them in an effort to re-assemble them in a more proper way and, perhaps, take them back.

Catayst Comix is the delivery system Casey’s sliced and diced take on the most hallowed of all comic book institutions, but in the end, the book reads more like a celebration and a love letter to their promise and not an exploration of their failings.

An entertaining and thought provoking read, Casey coupled his three loosely connected stories — featuring some of comicdom’s forgotten heroes — with three artists (Dan McDaid, Paul Maybury, and Ulises Farinas) that infect the material with their unique styles and tastes.

The overall package could very well be the start of something quite grand, and lucky ducks that we are, we got a chance to interview Casey prior to the start of the fireworks, and we asked about superhero tropes, bringing back Titan, and what the former Superman comic writer thought about The Man of Steel.

Check it out after the jump.