Deadpool/Solo art is from Deviantartist Jonathan Moore.

2015 will not only see the return to the big screen for the Star Wars franchise, but the return of the Star Wars License to Marvel Comics. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that now that Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars that they would want to use what amounts to an “In-House” company to handle the creation and distribution, but what about Dark Horse?. (more…)

“He’s 7” I said while reading through Axe Cop, marveling at the unbound imagination of a kid distilled and enhanced by his brother, artist Ethan Nicolle. Violence, dinosaurs, robots, far out settings and scenarios define Axe Cop and have helped it rise from a webcomic to something more thanks to a growing army of fans and Dark Horse Comics. I spoke to Ethan days after the release of the collected 3rd volume of Axe Cop and we spoke about his and his young brother Malachai’s creative process, the assumptions people (including me) have about Malachai, and the future of the book.