Been out in the dating world recently? Yeah, kind of hard isn’t it? And you don’t have to tell me that those speed dating events they have at cons now are getting you no where. Indeed it seems that all the good nerds are taken.

Or are they?

If you love Star Trek and are currently longing in the love department, click your browser over to Trekkie Dating, where you can “Live Love and Prosper.” (I know. I read that too. Here’s some music.)

“A dating community that is light years ahead of others,” the website declares. “Find like-minded friends, romance, & convention dates with other Trekkies TODAY!”

Anyone can create an account for free and browse other users, but if you want to cross the final frontier and make first contact, you have to pay a subscription fee to set up dates and talk to other members.

So what do we think, Bastards? Brilliant innovation for the socially awkward, or one more dating site that isn’t going to find you the nerd girl of your dreams? Sound off below.

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How the Modern Superhero Hooks Up

Poison Ivy is not surprised at the flower, she just heard how big his d*ck is

Poison Ivy is not surprised at the flower, she just heard how big his d*ck is

It’s gotta be hard for a Superhero to find true love.  They spend 75% of their time with deranged lunatics trying to chain them up and dip them in vats of acid or industrial waste. Where do those villains find those big vats of industrial waste anyways?  Does OSHA have an allowance for industrial waste as long as it’s in large vats with open tops?

After watching this video I have to say, this is perhaps the sweetest Batman I have ever seen. Yep . . . The Goddamn Batman hooks up. Who knew that Bruce just needed a goofy girl, that poots unexpectedly in his life?

My luck would get me hooked up with Granny Goodness.

At least there would be pie, lots of delicious pie.  So go ahead and click that mouse (If you haven’t already) that way you do and enjoy.

The same group that brought us “A Very Zombie Holiday” really delivers with “Super Harmony.” Starring Team Unicorn (Rileah Vanderbilt, Milynn Sarley, Clare Grant, Michele Boyd) alongside Dave Foy, Derek Mears, Colton Dunn, Bryan Morton. Directed by the incredible Sean Becker (Director of “The Guild” and “A very Zombie Holiday”) and written by the talented Colton Dunn.

They catch that goofiness of the E-Harmony commercials.

CollegeHumor: Anime Guy Goes On A Date


Sometimes being who you are prevents you to go all the way during a date. That’s the story of Andy, whose parents were anime characters. Once again, CollegeHumor has delivered another funny video as we see Andy try to find true love by unleashing his “Super Saiyan Erection Blast” on his date.  I once tried to say Kamehame-Ha when I was with my girlfriend. Before I could finish saying it, she decided to slap me, just like Goku did to Freeza.

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Top 10 Pick-Up Lines for Nerds


Use the Power of the Dork Side! After you’ve finished cleaning the Droids, you’re ready for a little romance, am I right? A little scotch and sofa? Well, for you nerds looking for love, here’s a round-up of some geeky pick-up lines. I’m pretty sure you will still be a virgin after employing any of them, but my money is on #10 if you’re really trying to score….and don’t forget me invite me to the wedding! (more…)