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It was around this time last year, at San Diego Comic-Con in fact, we learned Neil Gaiman was planning to spin another tale of Morpheus, the dream lord, and the world of the Endless. This new Sandman series from Vertigo teams Gaiman with J.H. Williams III, and bring fans another chapter, an earlier chapter, in the life of Morpheus, before he’s ever captured. The Sandman: Overture is scheduled to begin releasing, bi-monthly, on October 30th. You better make sure you let your local comic shop know to include this one in your pull.

Gaiman spoke with The New York Times today about the upcoming series, saying,

This is the one story that we never got to tell. In SANDMAN #1 Morpheus is captured somehow. Later on in the series, you learn he was returning from somewhere far, far away – but we never got to the story of what he was doing and what had happened. This is our chance to tell that story, and J.H. Williams III is drawing it. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

There won’t be a more buzzed about comic book this year, I guarantee it. Both Gaiman and Williams are comic book superstars, and their collaboration on this book will prove genius, I just know it. Though they aren’t the only creatives involved you should be excited about. Returning to create The Sandman‘s stunning and eye-catching covers is Dave McKean, who, along with Williams, will  create covers for every issue of Overture. Both McKean’s and Williams’ covers will be released, and the books will be available both in print and digitally on the same day. There’ll also be a deluxe version, released bi-monthly and alternating with the original’s release, that will include original scripts, additional designs and sketches, plus a Q&A with the creative team beginning in November.

My face hurts I’m so excited for The Sandman: Overture! I can’t decide if I’ll be buying it digitally, in print, or both because this book’ll will be so freakin’ beautiful I’ll want it everywhere and every way. Gaiman, Williams, and McKean will also be attending SDCC this year and will appear during Vertigo’s 25th Anniversary panel. Expect more news about Overture in the weeks leading up to and at the con.

Hit the jump for the full press release and a look at McKean’s insanely awesome cover for The Sandman: Overture #1. Are you super excited for Overture? Adding it to your pull already?

Source: DC Comics


Arkham Asylum is a reaction to the hyper-realistic treatment comic book creators were giving superheroes during the graphic novel boom of the 1980s. Landmark stories like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns had shown the grittier side of the superhero, the human side, the side in the midst of an existential crisis. With his own ambitious Batman project, Grant Morrison set out to make something different, something that would be more like a piece of experimental art than a conventional superhero story. Morrison’s incorporation of Jungian psychology, the occult, surrealist and expressionist art concepts and quantum, combined with Dave McKean’s demented, gorgeously dark art, make Arkham Asylum a landmark comic, an assault on 1980s grit that transcends its era. It remains a timeless, dreamy maelstrom of a book. Every time you read it you get lost inside, and every time it seems to pull you closer to a place you can’t return from.