David Aja


You don’t want to be the one who replaces the legend, you want to be the one who comes after that.

I realize now that I wasted $4 on Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez’ take on Hawkeye. Not because the book is bad or because Lemire and Perez aren’t talented, but because I’m just not ready for Clint and Kate to have an all-new adventure. Especially since Matt Fraction and David Aja haven’t yet concluded the old one. (more…)

COMICS REVIEW: ‘Hawkeye’ #1

I have what I’d like to consider an advantage in reading and reviewing this comic, and that is that I have no clear idea in my head of what a Hawkeye comic book looks, feels or reads like. I know who Hawkeye is, of course (and yes, I knew who he was before the damn movie, so lay off), but he’s never been one of those characters who grabbed me. I used to feel the same way about Iron Man, though, and Matt Fraction is one of the writers (along with Warren Ellis) who turned that around for me. So, putting my faith in Fraction and dynamite artist David Aja, I snagged this debut issue and found myself swept into a gritty little world with a compelling, funny and completely freestanding Clint Barton at the center.


COMICS REWIND: ‘The Immortal Iron Fist’

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After his heyday in the late ’70s and early ’80s as a part of Heroes for Hire and the best buddy of Luke Cage, it was a bit hard to keep tabs on Iron Fist. He had a rather spotty time of things at Marvel, and then Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and David Aja launched this short-lived but amazingly fun ongoing series that brought things back to basics and reminded us all why Iron Fist is one of the Marvel Universe’s great badasses.