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So Suicide Squad was pretty divisive, right? It was critically shredded though commercially successful, and while that’s not a new story in Hollywood, there was quite the bitter backlash by fans to critics, including a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes. While 100 per cent of the people will never agree on 100 per cent of everything, it might be fair to say that whether you loved Suicide Squad or hated it, the movie had some problems. You know who agrees with that? David Ayer, the writer and director of the film. In a recent social media post, Ayer confessed that his movie has issues, and he promised to do better next time (?). (more…)


Whatever anyone feels towards David Ayers Suicide Squad, it can be generally agreed that Margot Robbie‘s performance of Harley Quinn was the least worst thing. That might not be saying a whole lot, particularly under the scope of a critics eye, but regardless, an insanely popular DC character got her first big cinematic  debut… and she killed! All those Daddy’s Little Monster fans want to see her back, immediately.

Ask, and they will be done. Margot Robbie will be back alright. Not as a sequel to SS, nor as a solo flick. She’ll be getting new flick teaming up with some of the baddest girls of Gotham.   (more…)


Easily one of this year’s most talked about movies, Suicide Squad has had one of most mixed responses from the comic fandom that you could expect. The guns and explosions and cool costumes and familiar faces had tons of people drooling with love over this movie. Other people noticed plot holes and lack of development with so many new characters crammed into one movie that they generally found that the positives didn’t make up for the mistakes. But that didn’t stop the crowds flocking to see it nor the hordes of Harley Quinn inevitably out this weekend for Halloween. (more…)


The gang over at HISHE are at it again, this time taking on David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad. The DC superhero movie that could have… but didn’t for many fans. While no one can argue that Suicide Squad did rake in some cash at the box office, not many left the theater feeling all that great. It was almost as if there were three cuts for the movie that got thrown together jigsaw puzzle style. Check out how HISHE would have changed things. (more…)


Although Suicide Squad was not a hit with the critics, the film had an astounding opening weekend. The critically-panned film had a record-setting opening weekend of $132 million. Audience reactions have been somewhat mixed, but with such a strong opening weekend, it’ no surprise that there is already talk of a sequel surrounding the bad guys of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The cast is already signed for multi-film commitments, so who knows what will happen in a potential sequel. Director David Ayer has a few ideas as well.



When the reviews for Suicide Squad started breaking earlier this week, the news was, um, not good. A lot of people were hoping that critics might give the film the old “thumbs up” rubber stamp, and while there hasn’t been a chorus of non-stop negativity like the one that greeted Batman V. SupermanSuicide Squad was still ranked a dud on that root of all evil, Rotten Tomatoes. On the bright side, it still looks like Suicide Squad is going to collect massive bank over the weekend, so does what the critics say matter in this instance? If you ask the cast and crew, the answer is “No.” (more…)


There are some interesting behind the scenes stories coming from the Suicide Squad set via The Hollywood Reporter today that paint a very troubling picture of what director David Ayer (Fury) had to put up with while putting together Warner Bros. latest big superhero movie. Details of clashes between Ayer and Warner Bros. executives on the movie’s tone and schedule, which sadly isn’t really unusual these days, appears to have reached a boiling point during the Suicide Squad production. Let’s look through them. (more…)

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The first reviews for Suicide Squad, the much anticipated, David Ayer directed film are starting to come in—and boy, is it a rocky boat we’ve set foot in. Let’s back up for a moment: the film, which is set to release this Friday, has already started going into preview showings (and of course, the premiere in which the aforementioned Ayer said ‘f*ck Marvel‘). The film has been building interest and momentum, with opening weekend predictions setting the sales at around $115 million US. Wow. There is, however, potential that this proclamation of box office gang-busting could be ruined in the following week by bad reviews—something we’ve seen not too long ago. So… just how are the critics sizing up the Squad?  (more…)

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Pop quiz. Can you name all the members of the Suicide Squad? Unless you’re a die-hard comic book nerd, you probably can’t. Rick Flag, El Diablo, June Moon… who the deuce are these people? For general audiences, the names do not register, not at all. The only two really recognizable characters would be what, Joker and Harley Quinn? Think about that, think about your typical church-going grandma, that weird kid who hangs out at the bowling alley on Monday nights (he doesn’t go in, he just hangs outside), or that guy that changes your oil at Valvoline. These are regular everyday people that normally wouldn’t have a clue,  yet, according to the number’s they’re just as excited about seeing Suicide Squad as you are.  (more…)

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We’re just a week away from David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad hitting theaters screens in what is looking to be a blockbuster weekend for the Warner Bros. film. Hot off the SDCC 2016 Hall H panel, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can slow down this Suicide Squad Freight Train. There was an interesting difference between what was shown at Hall H and what we’ve seen on television so far and it all comes down to Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) incredible shrinking Hot Pants. (more…)