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When approaching the early works of David Cronenberg, many modern viewers are initially put off by the ruddy, low-rent stylings of films like Shivers, Rabid and The Brood, citing the director’s choice of low-budget genre trappings as rendering his cerebral central postualtions inaccessible. Much like the Canadian horror auteur (who has since moved on to greener pastures of prestige with pictures like Dead Ringers, Naked Lunch and A History of Violence), American independent filmmaker Billy Senese has crafted his sophomore feature, Closer to God, with one foot in the horror film grave. Borrowing liberally from the clinical director’s filmography (The Brood being the most obvious point of reference), Senese strains to balance the “dark thriller” portions of the narrative with the set of proverbial “big ideas” he presents. Once Closer to God descends into out-and-out monster movie territory, it becomes readily apparent that any kind of heady aspirations were simply the jumping off point for a somewhat pedestrian riff on modern Frankenstein mythos. (more…)


In news that is likely to leave fanboys with bad taste everywhere gnashing their teeth and yanking at their follicles, a Disney “insider” recently tipped The Daily Star that Robert Pattinson is at the top of a shortlist of actors being considered by the studio to potentially play a new version of Indiana Jones. While this tip seems somewhat suspect (the last report on Indy didn’t have him returning to the big screen for two or three more years and there still isn’t a script* or confirmed director), it’s still an interesting prospect that will work certain crowds up into a tizzy. (more…)

It was bound to happen sometime, the blowback. You can make $1.5 billion at the box office, re-ignite the flailing comic movie subgenre and create a mini-mogul out of Joss Whedon, but you can’t convince Los Angeles Times readers that you’re not overrated.

In an online poll, Times readers were asked what film, in their opinion, was the most overrated of 2012 and the winner, by an overwhelming margin was The Avengers. Here’s the breakdown of the vote:

  • The Avengers – 85.39%
  • Prometheus – 4.62%
  • Ted – 3.03%
  • Cloud Atlas – 2.38%
  • The Master – 1.78%
  • Project X – 1.78%
  • Brave – 1.02%

Now before you start getting your nerd Irish up, keep in mind that this is a web poll, and thus extremely unscientific. If you want to dump your nerd rage on someone, try David Cronenberg.

In a new interview with Playlist, Cronenberg clarified some earlier comments about the comic book film genre. Don’t worry, he just thinks that comic book movies are kept from true cinematic greatness because they’re based on material original meant for young people (I had to clean that up a bit). Read Cronenberg’s full comment below:

“What I was saying was that a comic book movie is really a comic book movie. Comic books were — especially those comic books which I was raised on (I loved Captain Marvel) — created for adolescents and they have a core that is adolescent […] To me, that limits the discourse of your movie if you’re basing it accurately on that, and you cannot rise to the highest level of cinematic art. That’s my take on it. I went on to say that, of course, technically they can be incredibly interesting, since there are very clever people making the movie and of course have a lot of money they are throwing at it. But creatively, artistically, they are incredibly limited.”

I don’t think anyone would argue that Avengers is high art, but it seems that Cronenberg has a rather limited (or old-fashioned, if you like) definition of “comic book.” I don’t think you’d classify Maus or even Watchmen as “adolescent,” would you? It seems that Cronenberg knows about as much about comics as he does about teleportation, but I digress.

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Also on the show: DIRECTORS BE SAYIN SHIT! David Cronenberg thinks that comic books are adolescent… something that Jeremy and Jason collectivly say “nuh uh” too.

Then in DIRTY NERDY CONFESSIONS: Jason talks about toy rubbing and Jeremy is, once again, drawn to a life of crime solving after a run-in with his nemesis.

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David Cronenberg is widely known as a popular cult-movie icon and (arguably) a very talented director.  In a recent interview about his upcoming Cosmopolis, Cronenberg addressed a few questions about the rash of super hero flicks that has been permeating the big screens lately.  Below are some of Cronenberg’s more interesting sound bites, minus a prevalent amount of disfluencies and meandering.

On his own feelings about possibly making a super hero movie:

I don’t think they are making them an elevated art form. I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape. I just don’t think it’s elevated. Christopher Nolan’s best movie is “Memento,” and that is an interesting movie. I don’t think his Batman movies are half as interesting though they’re 20 million times the expense. What he is doing is some very interesting technical stuff… The movie, to me, they’re mostly boring.

And on whether super hero films are inherently crippled by their comic book origins:

…a superhero movie, by definition… it’s comic book. It’s for kids. It’s adolescent in its core. That has always been its appeal, and I think people who are saying… “Dark Knight Rises” is… supreme cinema art,” I don’t think they know what the f**k they’re talking about.

Well, it’s said that Hollywood eventually turns everyone into jaded and self-important people and it looks like Cronenberg is no exception.  While I do enjoy a few of his films, it’s hard to respect what he has to say after discovering he adheres to the antiquated opinion that comics are just for kids.

What do the Nerdreaders think about Cronenberg’s words?  Agree?  Disagree?  Want to throw eggs at his house?


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New ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer is a Little NSFW

Hey kids, it looks like more footage of what looks to be Cronenberg’s new fucked up maybe-masterpiece starring Sparkle Vamp. The film, which watches the financial and structural breakdown of a very rich, young individual seems to be banking on the public’s fondness for 99 percenter rage, giant rats, and Pattinson. We saw the teaser trailer in March, and now there is a new trailer that is a little bit NSFW (there appears to be a teensy bit of fucking) but if you’re not afraid of the man, feel free to press play.

By the way, the film is based on a Don DeLelillo novel of the same name and stars Robert Pattinson, Jay Baruchel, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Samantha Morton and Kevin Durand. It opens in theaters August 17th.

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Director David Cronenberg is enjoying some decent hype from his new film Cosmopolis, which opens this weekend across Canada, and opens in the U.S. at the end of the summer. But how about a sequel to one of his more recent hits?

Vulture is reporting that the scripting process is underway for a sequel to Eastern Promises, the 2007 film starring Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts and Vincent Cassel about the Russian mob in London, England. Steven Knight, author of the first movie’s script is penning the sequel and Cassel is in negotiations to join the burgeoning production along with Mortensen. Here’s what Vulture has to say about the film’s direction:

…with the incompetent underboss Kirill (Cassel) thinking that he and his henchman driver Nikolai (Mortensen) really have inherited the throne from his crime-lord father, without knowing that Nikolai is actually a clandestine agent working undercover in Russia’s federal security service.

It’s unknown if Cronenberg will be behind the camera again. He’s previously expressed interest, but with Maps to the Stars starring Cosmopolis leading man Robert Pattinson in development, as well as a TV pilot and a recurring role on Sy-Fy’s Rewind in the works, the question may not be a matter of interest, but a matter of time for the legendary filmmaker.

More news as it develops….

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With director Gary Ross bowing out of The Hunger Games, Lionsgate has started to pull their resources together for a short list of directors to take on the sequel. With production on Catching Fire looking to get started sometime in August, time is starting to run out. Thankfully, the studio has it’s own tribute list all ready to go.

So far, the list contains Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men) , David Cronenberg (The Fly and A History of Violence), Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu  (21 Grams and Babel) , as well as a few others who have yet to be named.

Any of those three would be a great name to have onboard. Personally, my vote goes to Alfonso Cuaron. Considering his work on Children Of Men, I think he would be well suited for The Hunger Games 2. But I can’t deny that I’m super curious to see what Cronenberg’s take on Catching Fire  would be. He and Cuaron should co-direct.

Is there anyone listed that you think should direct? Maybe someone who isn’t even listed?

Catching Fire is scheduled to be released on November 22nd, 2013.

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I’ve watched the teaser trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis about six times now, and all I’ve gathered is: near vajayjay, bullet-in-hand, Robert Pattinson, eyeball-stab, guy who looks like Robert Loggia (who is NOT Robert Loggia), giant rat, car fucking, and Robert Pattinson.

The film, from the director of A History of Violence and Crash (the superior one with car fucking and crashing and fucking), looks insane, violent, magnificent, and in the evocative words of White Goodman, “Reaaaaal, freakah naughty”. Based on the Don DeLelillo novel of the same name, Cosmopolis largely takes place in a limo (so it’s like The Lincoln Lawyer, only there is that massive rat and not a massive douche) as Pattinson’s uber rich character monitors the financial markets and his worsening state whilst seeking out a haircut from his father’s barber. Naturally his excursion is waylaid by a Presidential motorcade, protesting anarchists (what else do anarchists do save for have a shop at Hot Topic?), and a rapper’s funeral (which is the opposite of a Rapper’s Delight). There is also a stalker and car urination.

Take a look at the trailer and put a basket behind your head so as to catch your escaping mind, son (drops the keyboard and walks away).

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It was reported, two years ago, that David Cronenberg was down to make a remake of his own 1986 remake of The Fly. Everybody was just like, “k wtf?” But that shit passed and people moved on with their lives.

Turns out Fox probably didn’t have their shit straight. Or Cronenberg wasn’t really clear on what he was doing. Either way, apparently this new bit is actually a “semi-sequel” to the 1986 The Fly.

According to the man himself:

“‘The Fly’ is not exactly a remake, it’s sort of a sequel, kinda. Yeah, that was a thing. I’ve written a script of that, and I don’t know if that’s going to really happen, but that has to do with Fox.”

It’s interesting that Fox might just let this one sit, considering how big of a movie this thing was.

There may also be a sequel to Eastern Promises, but I suppose you shouldn’t take any of these possible Cronenberg films to be promises.

“That is also possible. Steve Knight wrote an ‘Eastern Promises 2,’ he’s writing a second draft of that. Focus are interested in it, and we’ll see.”

What do you guys think? Would you want to read the new Fly script he wrote, even if it doesn’t make it into movieland?

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