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There be rumblings again that another sequel to TRON is getting underway at Disney with the hiring of a new screenwriter.

Now sure, the reception to TRON Legacy wasn’t exactly glowing, but the film did end up making $400 million worldwide, and new Disney hefe Alan Horn is apparently a fan, so you know that that means: some random screenwriter with a couple of unproduced credits to his name gets the nod!

The writer’s name is Jesse Wigutow, and he has about four produced screenplays to his credit: two shorts, a TV movie and the 2003 feature/Douglas family vanity project It Runs in the Family. He’s also written the Summit Entertainment reboot of the Crow along with the adaptation of the Peter Pan origin novel  Peter and the Starcatchers and the script for Parallel, both of which are being supervised by TRON: Legacy co-producer Justin Springer.

Wigutow will be taking a stab at re-writing a draft penned by David DiGilio author of the script for the Paul Walker “comedy” Eight Below, and the conspiracy series Traveler. Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is still expected to direct a third TRON.

So if you’re a TRON fan this is progress, right? On the other hand, in order to beat the length of time between the last two TRON films, all they have to do is deliver sometime in the next quarter century. Plenty of time to get the script right.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

New Writer Hired for ‘Tron Legacy’ Sequel

It looks like Flynn does in fact live as a new writer has been hired to work on a follow-up to Disney’s series Tron Legacy in the form one David DiGilio. After the “success” of the 2010 film people have spoken of a possible sequel in the near future after Disney’s 10-part animated Tron: Uprising hits airwaves next year.

Writers Adam Horowitz and Adam Kitsis, who worked on Legacy, were slated to return for the project but have since begun working on Once Upon a Time, the fairy tale show they created for ABC and is debuting this fall. When one door closes another must open and that door allowed DiGilio to walk right in and continue the work started by Horowitz and Kitsis.

Everything for Disney’s third entry into ‘The Grid’ is still in the early stages of development so it’s unclear if director Joseph Kosinski will return to helm the sequel. If Tron: Uprising ends up becoming a 10-part flop however we might not see Daft Punk hitting some phat beats until their next album drops so here’s hoping.

What do you think of another Tron movie in theaters? Let’s hear what you have to say about all this.

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