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Remember a couple of weeks ago when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel? I’m sure if there was one actress who could easily relate to the impact of being cast as comic’s number one female hero, it was Adrianne Palicki. Back in 2011, Palicki was cast in David E. Kelly‘s Wonder Woman TV pilot, and after internet backlash vivisected every released detail about the show, NBC eventually decided that they didn’t want it. That’s a shame because Palicki was pretty good in the role, once you get past the pilot’s tremendous narrative issues. But don’t feel too bad for the actress, in her opinion, as the old saying goes, all’s well that ends well. (more…)

As many of you know, NBC took a dump on David E. Kelly’s  Wonder Woman television pilot by canceling before it even aired. Regardless of the dis by NBC, the  Ally Mcbeal creator still has a giant nerd-on for Amazonian princess. He’s determined to see his vision make it on TV.Surprisingly his dreams are coming true. He’s getting Smallville‘s Erica Durance to lace up and wear the golden bracelets…kinda.

Erica, who played Lois Lane on Smallville, has already been the closest to an actual sexy Wonder Woman by having Lois dress as an “Amazon Princess” in a convention episode. Ms. Durance has been chosen to play “a psychologically infirm woman who retreats into the persona of the DC Comics heroine to help wreak revenge on perpetrators of domestic abuse,” on his dramedy Harry’s Law.

David, we all want to see DC’s greatest female hero on TV , but you had your shot, just let it go. It’s a nice effort, but taking a character meant for female empowerment and turning her into a case of mental instability is not cool man.

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Every time the topic of Wonder Woman comes up, I am inclined to run down the list of why she sucks. I’m absconding, because I’d just preaching to the choir. We all love the idea of Wonder Woman (a symbol for female empowerment), but fundamentally, we all know that she’s a weak character that’s never had any real sense of quality or connectivity. Which is why a television show or feature length will never work. Yea, yea….it was cute int he 70’s with the Lynda Carter short-shorts hour, but those were different times. Since then, there has been two major attempts to realize the amazon princess on the big and small screen. The first being a failed feature-length movie by nerd deity Joss Whedon. It got canned because of conflictions with Warner Bros. interests. Neither party wanted to make the same movie. The second, and most recent, was the failed Wonder Woman pilot on NBC by David E. Kelly (Ally Mcbeal). A few piss-poor costume design choices and a bull-shit ‘woman struggling in a big city’ story had fans flinging da poo. It was axed before the pilot episode was even finished shooting. Point is, if two of Hollywood biggest writers can’t produce a quality product, then take it as a sign that this character is not workable or sellable. Leave the star spangled panty bitch in the funnys.

Regardless of all that, some people like to dream. Such as the case of writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn. He wants to make a Wonder Woman movie … and he’s put his career on a path to make it happen.

IndieWire quoted Refn as saying, “I have this dream concept: I want to make Wonder Woman as a feature. And I thought in order get to access to that I should probably become a bit more Hollywood-friendly.”

Refn, a Danish filmmaker who made a name for himself with movies about drug deals gone wrong, recently made his first American movie, Drive, about a drug deal gone wrong.

According to IndieWire, “Refn’s playing the long game on this one, confessing that he took Drive partly to boost his bankability with studios.”

As it happens, Drive won the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Director, which gave him enough cred to be tapped for the reboot of Logan’s Run, currently in preproduction.

Logan’s Run will be a Warner Bros. movie … the same media conglomerate that owns DC Comics. If Logan’s Run performs well, Refn really does stand a chance at choosing his next project. And there’s no doubt as to what he would choose, saying, “Wonder Woman is probably something that, to me, would be not just a satisfaction, but almost a [catharsis], and I was born to make it.”

OK, as much I’d like to make fun of this guy for being delusional, I gotta say it’s nice to see a director who is enthusiastic about his career path, and who’s committed to a worth-while property. Though honestly, I think I may be a little biased, simply because of his choice of who he thinks should play Wonder Woman. If he had his way, he’d have ex Drive star Christina Hendricks (Firefly, Mad Men) play our Amazon princess. Refn was quoted saying “If I ever get to do it, she’s going to be it.”

Hendricks as Wonder Woman? I can see the cleavage now. oh god please let this happen. Boobage aside, her role on ‘Firefly’ is a fine indication of how she can pull off being a butt-kicking babe.

IndieWire wrote, “Hendricks seems to want to do the project as much as Refn, saying in an interview last year that ‘I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life … I had Underoos — I had Wonder Woman Underoos.'”

Bottom line, I like Refn’s passion and casting choice for the TITular character (see what I did there?). And, I like him as a director. Having seen ‘Drive’ and the under rated ‘Valhalla Rising’, his films are like gigantic pieces of abstract art. Pretty nifty stuff. As much as I hate Wonder Woman, a man like this might actually be able to give the character some justice. Will have to wait and see how the next couple years play out and pray to god Christina Hendricks face doesn’t fall a part from age, or that her boobs deflate.


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Wonder Woman is making a comeback on Netflix:

The failed pilot from David E. Kelly, starring Adrianne Palicki, was never finished (thank gawd!) and axed before NBC could further embarrass themselves. However, word around the nerd water cooler is that it may become available on Netfllix.

User robolivera, from the DC Universe/Warner Brothers’ fan forum, posted about how he discovered this potential news:

I was looking for Captain America on Netflix to see what it said about a release date even though it’s not even out in the theaters yet. It has a picture of him with “NR” (Not Released) next to it…Then I searched for Lynda’s WW… It says NR too. BUT it has Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman on there as well with NR next to it!!

He isn’t the only one though, as GloriaofGrayskull from the mattycollector forum also spotted this:

Today I searched for wonder woman on netflix site and it seems like they are going to release the new pilot in dvd I added it to my queve/list of dvds everyone add it so that there is high demand for it!

I think we all want to see the pilot episode, much like how we all just have to stop and look when we pass by a car crash. Morbid curiosity. Do these reports mean we’ll actually get to see it? Don’t get your hopes up. Netflix is notorious for listing shows and movies in advance in order to gauge interest. This is probably just one of those cases. This of course doesn’t mean that the show won’t ever be released as is, or get picked up by another network, or see an eventual release on Netflix. The point is, don’t expect the new “Wonder Woman” pilot/series to be actually available anytime soon.

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Super Hero Round Up? All the little Superhero movie bits that you should know about, but just don’t make a full post on their own.

7 Seconds in Heaven with Wonder Woman

Remember that Wonder Woman pilot that made NBC go, “No fuckin’ way!” last month?  Well, thanks to Bleeding Cool, we now have a 7 second teaser clip of that pilot.  It isn’t much, and it’s hard to gauge from this clip why NBC chief Robert Greenblatt said what he said:

“They did a great pilot and worked really hard on it. And I have huge respect for David E. Kelley. But we looked at the schedule and our needs and where things were falling into place. And it just didn’t seem to fit.”

The inanity of the pilot’s script and the overall convoluted structure of the show could’ve had something to do with its rejection.  But, what do I know!?  Anyway, check out the video for yourselves:



Yes, we’re all happy that NBC trashed David E. Kelly‘s Wonder Woman pilot like a prom night dumpster baby. But, dammit, we had pitch forks and torches at the ready. How dare they kill their monster before we could lynch it. Plus, we were robbed of seeing Adrianne Palicki in the rumored Lynda Carter-esque HOT PANTS. Yep, the infamous short-shorts were said to be 1 of 3 costumes seen in the show. Star spangled ass will never hit the TV airwaves. Fuck!

Ah, but wait.

Thanks to Wonder Woman tv (and @WonderboyLB who tipped them off) we can now see what would have been. The underoos have been revealed!

Don’t believe us, check out the whole wonder after the jump


Wonder Woman TV Series is Dead

Well what do you know … the Queen is dead!

We have reports from EW.com that NBC will not be picking up the pilot for the David E. Kelly produced Wonder Woman TV series that was supposed to premiere this fall. I hate to say it, but it comes as no surprise to anyone that has been paying attention.

The script received less than a warm reception from critics who managed to read it, as it focused on Diana Prince as CEO of a major company by day and a butt-kicking Amazon by night, complete with contemporary music and lots of “girl talk.” Suffice to say, comic fans were pissed. And then there was the costume.

When pictures showed star Adrianne Palicki in a rather poor rendition of the costume, the online community straight up heated it. They changed the costume because of it, but even that didn’t help save the doomed project, which is a pity.

The character of Wonder Woman is so iconic, that she deserves to be treated with respect and not campy. Who knows, this could lead to increased interest in a Wonder Woman movie …. but who knows?

We will have to wait and see, but I am personally glad that this version will not be coming to tv screens anytime soon. What about you?

NBC Television‘s re-imagining of the iconic Wonder Woman character has not had an easy road in its desire to air on network television, and it appears that the troubles haven’t ended yet!

The David E. Kelly produced show, starring Adrianne Palicki as the title character (whose alter ego is Diana Prince) faced an up-hill battle from the moment the script was reviewed by people online and trashed by the comic community.Then, when images of the costume debuted (see the above picture), comic book fans once again raised a little hell, and it appears that the costume has been toned down in recent videos.

But, according to The Daily Blam! the pilot episode of the show now faces an uncertain future.

Tracie Thoms has been cast as a regular, playing Etta the bubbly personal assistant of Diana and Pedro Pascal will play a liaison to the police department who is devoted and loyal to the princess of power. Elizabeth Hurley has signed on to portray the show’s villain opposite Palicki, while Cary Elwes will portray the CEO of the company owned by Diana Prince, Themyscira Industries.

Justin Bruening (Knight Rider) has joined the cast to portray Steve Trevor, a former Army officer and current Justice Department agent who is also the leading man in Diana’s life; while Joseph Gatt (Thor) has taken up to the role of John O’Quinn, a man who works for Veronica Cale as a physical presence against Wonder Woman.

Not only has interest in the show rapidly declined from the fans and NBC in the past few months, but the fact that it may not even make the Fall lineup may spell doom for the series before it even begins.

Are you still interested in NBC‘s Wonder Woman? If so, it may be time to show your support … the show could definitely use it.


The last time I saw Elizabeth Hurley was in my dreams, when I was eating out her tar star. In the waking word, I don’t think Ive seen her since the devil/soul wish flick Bedazzled. She apparently took a sabbatical from acting.  Spending her time raising family and doing charity work (sappy).  However, the sexy Brit is putting her milf tits back in front of the camera. She’s making a comeback. She’s got a voice role in the animated film The Wild Bunch, and now says that she’ll be the ‘evil villain’ in the new Wonder Woman TV series.

The info comes via the actress Twitter account, where she said,

Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman. I’ll be playing the evil villain. Can’t wait.

EW adds that “the casting is pending a visa for the actress, that it is considered a guest-starring role, and that Veronica Cale “runs a pharmaceutical company that is making a drug that makes people stronger. She wants to build an army that will, among other devilish things, take down Wonder Woman, whom she’s fiercely jealous of.”

Ugh, that just sounds awful. I am not excited about this Wonder Woman show. I hate the WW character to begin with, and all this news about the show just makes me slam my head against the wall. Seriously, listen to this show outline:

The show is said to be a non-campy take on the character that presents the superhero character as “a vigilante crime fighter in LA but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.” Things sound a bit complicated as Wonder Woman will have two alter-egos: a mega-billionaire CEO named Diana Themyscira and Diana’s “plain Jane” assistant Diana Prince.

Blah, right? Sounds less like a super hero action show and more of a “girl in a city” with a  whole bunch of girl drama and shenanigans. Something the 35+ year old woman demographic would rub their tits to. Given it’s written by David E. Kelley (Alley McBeal) I think we know who he’s marketing this to. Certainly not us comic-book fans.

I’ll admit my penis is a bit interested in what Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) is gonna look like all suited up in the Wonder Woman garb. I may potentially watch the show for the tits.


Warner Brothers has announced that Adrianne Palicki will wear the bracelets and twirl the Golden Lasso as Wonder Woman in the David E. Kelly Wonder Woman re-interpretation for television. Adrianne definitely has the looks and acting talent to pull this off.  Her acting on Friday Night Lights, Legion, and many other series appearances has me onboard already.

Palicki, who appeared as Tyra Collette in NBC’s acclaimed “Friday Night Lights,” will also star in the upcoming feature-film remake of “Red Dawn” where she plays the character Toni.  That’s the role Jennifer Grey played in the original. She also starred in the horror film “Legion” and in the recent series “Lone Star.” She rocks the blond, brunette, and dirty redhead quite well.

Palicki is a fine choice, I guess. To be honest, I’m less concerned with who’s playing Wonder Woman as I am the direction this show will take.  From what I’ve gathered with supposed script leaks and show outlines, it’s set to be less about the mythology and super natural aspect and more “girl in big scary city trying to make her way”.  A ‘Sex in the City’ meets ‘Ally Mcbeal’. Here’s how Hero Complex puts it:

The series pilot is a reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman – a.k.a. Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life. Kelley and Bill D’Elia (“Boston Legal,” “The Practice”) are the executive producers. The pilot was written by Kelley and will be directed by Jeffrey Reiner (NBC’s “The Event”).  “Wonder Woman” is from David E. Kelley Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Consider me not impressed, but like the rest of you I’ll watch it and later rip it apart.

What do y’all think about this casting choice? What do you think about the show itself?