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#CancelColbert. The absurd, innocuous hashtagavism that began in the backlash to a poorly chosen, out of context tweet by the Comedy Central-run Twitter account associated with The Colbert Report, has succeeded. Colbert has been canceled. (more…)


Welcome to the festival of light that is The BastardCast, unfortunately the chicken wing coupons that we sent out are expired. Sorry, but hey the #TimeChallenge continues, we sorta have have Star Wars new. Plus the finer points of the great May 6th, 2016 Sophie’s Choice of movie blockbuster weekends that DC/Marvel have set up for us and the worst audition tape ever for a late night TV talk show (but it is for basic cable, so we still have a chance!)

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Suey Park wept.

In a triumph for those of us who actually understand how satire works (as well as how Faux Outrage is something to be ignored), Stephen Colbert has been announced by CBS as the replacement for David Letterman, following the late night staple’s retirement in 2015. The deal Colbert has signed is reportedly for five years, thus ending his decade long run at Comedy Central anchoring one of the best pieces of televised satire ever conceived on The Colbert Report.


Cobie Smulders (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill) was a guest on Letterman last night. Cobie was there to “yuck it up” with Dave and premire a new Avengers clip that finally shows SHIELD agent Maria Hill walking and talking with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

There is now doubt in this NerdBastards opinion that this scene is the Lynch-pin of the entire movie. If you watch this clip you have no reason to ever go see the rest of the movie. Watch this and the game is over.

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Two nights before the weekend, Britney, still on the upswing of her “Comeback”, and lets face it, no one wants to see this crazy train back on the rails again, did the Top Ten on Letterman. I feel totally awful from the phenom she went from to the joke she is now.

Doing national TV on the big 5, not cable, was it prudent for her to be wearing a bikini? Look, I wanted to bang Britiney more than any guy when she was 21, and I know her album sold well and she is coming back from a breakdown….But as sexy as she is, it was discussed on Stern the other day and I didn’t know until i saw for myself, was she in Bikini shape? I’m still up in the air about it…she seems to have some …spillage? and is doing some camera cheating so I’m leaving it for you decide.

Smack your arm, find a vein, ignore the damn Top 10, and see the rest of Brit’s Pics on the spike!