David Spade


Now I’m sure a lot of you are asking yourself, “Wait, there;’s a sequel to Joe Dirt and we can’t get a sequel for Dredd?” I was asking myself that same thing, but then I realized that Joe Dirt does reside in a small corner of my drunken heart. Every time I come across it on some lazy weekend I end up watching it just to see Christopher Walken and David Spade, mainly Walken, but Spade is in most of those scenes as well. When I heard that Joe Dirt 2 was an actual thing and had an actual title Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser I figured I’d at least check out the trailer. Now, after Spade’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel discussing the sequels plot, I may just have to sneak a few beers into the theater and see it. (more…)

Direct Tv over the last year or so, has done a shitload of terrible commercials, some pushing the boundaries of poor taste. By posthumously depicting great actors alongside their failing costars who are trying to scratch up a buck or two, acting nonchalantly with their once superior cohorts who’s lives were cut short, leaving these fuckheads to exploit what little success they had by waking the dead to ruin their street cred by placing a classic film into a bullshit commercial. Craig T Nelson included, acting with his daughter from Poltergeist last year, and being extremely cool with making money off a dead little girl…Too soon? No. Never should have been thought up, it’s a travesty and mars the rep that Direct Tv is trying to develop for themselves. It’s like Christian Bale in the interagation room in Dark Knight throwing Heath Ledger to the ground and saying, “I could be home right now watching Direct Tv if I didn’t have to worry about THIS joker!”……Not just poor taste, but a¬†ludicrously asinine and mundane¬†premise to begin with…. (more…)