Dawn of Justice


To paraphrase the author E.A. Bucchianeri:

“You can kill a superhero crossover movie quicker by your silence than by a bad review.”

Dawn Of Justice got a lot of good word of mouth going for it, with nerds praising it to high heaven after some early screenings, while stay-at-home critics in Rotten Tomatoes gave it a series of scathing reviews and a solid 33% score, very eloquently calling the film:

“a grim whirlwind of effects-driven action”

But we guess that the internet talks while box office walks, especially considering the massive success of the film this opening weekend…



It wasn’t too long after Deadpool’s record-breaking opening weekend when James Gunn’s prophetic words started to come to pass, Hollywood was now crazy about R-rated comic book movies. People started talking about an R-rated Wolverine, and most surprisingly, came the news that there would be an R-rated director’s cut of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice that will be released on DVD, VOD and Blu-ray later this year. Well, just so you know, at least in the case of Batman V. Superman, none of that had to do with Deadpool. The timing of the announcement may have been suspicious, but it’s not being done because all the cool kids are doing it says the film’s director and producer. (more…)


Long have people wondered: who is Jena Malone playing in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? The actress was cast, she shot her scenes, but last week it was revealed that those scenes were not going to be in the theatrical version of the film to be released in a few weeks time. Instead, Malone’s scenes will be worked back into the R-rated “Director’s Cut” of Batman V. Superman, but that means a few more months of speculation about her top secret character. Or does it? A sneaky sneak got some intelligence on the matter, and let’s just say that sometimes the rumors are true. (more…)


The charity website Omaze has done some, pardon the pun, pretty o-mazing things with Hollywood over the last few years in their drive for giving back to both individual communities and the global environment.  The group has recently started working with the stars of the upcoming film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to not only raise money for a good cause, but also to give fans a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience. (more…)


We’re still about four months away from the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and as the calendar turns to 2016 it’s anticipated that info and more clips of the film will be coming our way in greater numbers.  Today we get a quick glimpse at a very interesting-looking scene, with the promise of an extended view coming in just a few days.  This one really does put the “v.” in Batman v. Superman! (more…)


So, the other day, Vulture managed to set the internet on fire with an interview with Batman v. Superman’s Michael Shannon, when it was revealed that Shannon’s Zod would be in BvS but with a physical change that had plenty of people scratching their heads.  According to that interview, Shannon’s character would have flippers rather than humanoid digits.  Well, in an even more recent interview, this time with The Daily Beast, Shannon has eaten some of his words but in doing so, he may have let a pretty major secret slip.  It appears that perhaps those Doomsday rumors may have a bit more meat than some initially believed. Possible spoilers ahead. (more…)


As the convention hall doors prepare to close on another sensory-overload edition of the most media-heavy nerd gathering in the known universe, we here at NBHQ thought it would be wise to take a quick trip down Recent-Memory Lane by recapping some of the craziest, zaniest, and most mind-blowing-y moments of SDCC15.  As with all forms of public opinion, this list is not meant to be all-inclusive or definitive, but simply a gathering of some of the cool stuff that transpired.  Enjoy!



When first announced, Batman vs. Superman seemed like the best idea since sliced bread.  By bringing together Batman and Superman on the big screen for the first time ever, Warner Bros. could basically just sit back on their laurels and count the money as it poured in.  Adding Wonder Woman was a master stroke and while those dollar signs became more clear to the studio heads, the fans’ anticipation for the Justice League launching point became almost a fever.  Like any fever, however, as the source of that fever, i.e. information about the upcoming film, became more and more scarce, public interest has waned a bit.  With the news that Marvel will be sitting out San Diego Comic-Con this year hitting the interwebs earlier today, WB has finally decided to let fans have a peek behind the curtain and has released the official synopsis for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. (more…)

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
As we reported at the end of last week, production has wrapped on Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now the spoilers are coming at us in like flies round s**t. There has been rumored plot points about potential major villains, and more has been revealed about Justice League characters and their potential story-arcs . Now if that isn’t bad enough, there are now spoilers about characters in the Batman universe that are not even included in the movie (…it will make much more sense when you read about it – if you decide to read about it!). To explain the logistics behind this would involve revealing a rumor that is based on another rumor, which is based on uncertain revelations (… are you still following us,?! it’s kind of like a ‘matryoshku’ of rumors eventually you will get to the center of it all, then the movie wont be as fun…), so if you are alright with potential spoilers then feel free to read on, and if you are trying to avoid all SPOILERS before the release date of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then you know the drill. (more…)

wonder woman

Some of Hollywood’s best have tried and failed to make a Wonder Woman movie. For some strange reason, producing a film about the world’s premiere female superhero has been tougher than making one about a guy with a flaming skull head, or the Norse God of Thunder, or a crew or space pirates that includes a walking tree and a talking raccoon. But progress is being made. Wonder Woman will appear as one of many characters to come to life in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and shortly there after, Gal Gadot will launch the Amazonian warrior in her own solo adventure. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Michelle MacLaren will direct her, and now, reports are saying that Pan writer Jason Fuchs will write the script. (more…)