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Top 10 Nerdy Stoner Flicks

Ah yes, another 4/20 is upon us. What better activity for you to participate in while blazed out of your mind than watching a movie? Well, if your stumped about what flick to pick I’ve got you covered with some highly recommended titles. This Top 10 is split in to two catagories; movies to watch while getting high and movies to watch once high. I think you can easily see how one slips in to the other. First, flicks for the perfect smoke-a-long,

Grandma’s Boy

This often over-looked 2006 comedy from Happy Madison productions follows Alex, video game tester and avid, avid pot smoker who is evicted and forced to move in with his grandmother. Having to hide his smoking and his stash leads to hilarity, like his grandmother mistaking the weed for tea and brewing one hell of a pot of, well, pot. At the same time he’s very close to completing programming his first video game until co-worker and “genius programmer”, J.P steals it. Alex seeks out his dealer, Dante, for solace and his met with an one, enormous spliff (as well as an African tribesman, a Chinese martial artists and a monkey. Dante is one of the most outrageous pot dealers put to film). Eventually J.P. is proven a thief and Alex goes on to be the creator of a hugely successful video game. In this movie, the nerd smokes the high score.

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Lots of films didn’t make the cut for this list for the following reasons: 1. Certain directors and movies are too well-known and obvious to spend time recommending. 2. Some movies don’t need to be recommended to sci-fi nerds, horror freaks or pop-culture afficionados of any particular decade.  3. These vary on the obscurity scale, but they’re all beloved to this writer’s heart and colossally riveted into my psyche….and  4. There are only twelve spots on this list, so by all means use the comments section to make your Must-See Top 12 Films known.

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