The Jersey Shore Meets Dragonball Z


It’s always funny trying to degrade those Jersey D-Bags even further, but damn you collegehumor, you’ve ruined a childhood cartoon with the Jersey Shore. I don’t know which is worse: this sketch or the fact that I’m such a huge DBZ fan to know enough about it to hate this sketch. Vegeta would never call Goku “Son Goku” He’d call him Kakarot. Oh fuck me, I’m such a nerd.

It would have been much more satisfying if Goku just destroyed those attention sluts. Eh, liver failure and skin and lung cancer will eventually do that in real life, so at least we have that.

Check out for yourself what would go down if Goku & company landed on the Jersey Shore.

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CollegeHumor: Anime Guy Goes On A Date


Sometimes being who you are prevents you to go all the way during a date. That’s the story of Andy, whose parents were anime characters. Once again, CollegeHumor has delivered another funny video as we see Andy try to find true love by unleashing his “Super Saiyan Erection Blast” on his date.  I once tried to say Kamehame-Ha when I was with my girlfriend. Before I could finish saying it, she decided to slap me, just like Goku did to Freeza.

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Wanna know how bad fans reacted to the 2009 release of Dragon Ball Evolution? Well, there was a group of fans over in France that held a funeral for our beloved hero, Son Goku, in front of a movie theater. While Evolution didn’t it do much for me ( a Dragon Ball fan of 14 years), this fan made film did bring a smile to my face. I don’t know if it’s because they used the sound effects and background music from the show or just the feeling I get from watching it. While it may not have a budget of a Syfy movie it did have the action scenes one would expect from a DBZ episode. So check the video below and watch as these fans do their best to make Great Saiyaman cool.

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Funimation’s Katsucon Repot

key_art_funimationFunimation had its own Valentines Day announcement for Anime fans yesterday with two announcement. The first is about the Dragon Ball Z Kai DVD and Blu-Ray release and re-cast for characters. For those who don’t know what Kai is, it’s a re-telling of DBZ but minus the fillers, so its fast pace and follows the manga as closely as possible. The DVD/Blu-Ray will be released in sets of 13 episodes, with both having the 4:3 aspect (which can still be high definition if it isn’t 16:9, also the JPN Blu-Ray release is also 4:3).  There is so far only four re-cast for the English dub which are:
Gohan: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Bulma: Monica Rial
Chaozu & Puar: Brina Palencia
Narrator: Doc Morgan
Probably the biggest re-cast is Gohan seeing how he is one of the main characters and played a huge role during Android/Cell saga. The other announcement is that Funimation has the rights to distribute the Trigun TV series, which originally Geneon Entertainment distributed. Trigun, which features Vash the Stampede, was a big anime series that aired on Adult Swim and this will be the fans chance to get the series on Blu-Ray. Some are wondering if this is hinting that Funimation may license the upcoming Trigun film that will be released in Japan this April.

Once again, Funimation is trying to make my wallet cry. I want the Dragon Box DVD sets and I would like the Blu-Rays of Kai since I’ve been enjoying the fast pace of the show…ugh, I would even dress as Majin Buu screaming “Me gunna eat you up!” if I have to in order to get them.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork 1, AnimeNewsNetwork 2

dragon-ball-kaiWere you tired of all the excessive screaming? Were you tired of all the filler in the series? Were you as angry as I was when Freeza said that Namek will explode in 5 minutes and it dragged on to 15 episodes or so? If you said yes to any of the above, you are in luck! Dragonball Kai is pretty much Dragonball Z with none of the filler, that means no fake Namek, no Garlic Jr., and more. This morning it was recently announced by Navarre, which is Funimation’s parent company, that Dragonball Kai has been licensed and will be released later this year.

I’ve been watching Dragonball Kai when it first came out in Japan early last year and have been enjoying the fast pace. How fast you asked? Well, Raditz died in episode 5 in Dragonball Z and in Kai, he died in episode 3 and not even a year later, Kai is already at Goku vs. Freeza. I’m happy to see that one of my favorite series is still going strong after 25 years. If there is only one upsetting thing about Kai is that the Driver’s License episode will be taken out as that was one of my favorite filler episode.

Update: Looks like the Funimation Blog revealed that it will be called Dragonball Z Kai.

Source: Daizenshuu EX, Funimation Blog


When it comes to Dragon Ball, most people would just talk about either Saiyans or any of the three Z main villains and leave the human characters aside. But it wasn’t all like that, especially in Dragon Ball, and thats what this list will be about, to show that the Human race has their warriors that proved that they can stand on their own and put up a good fight. So let’s forget about the Broly’s and Super Buu-Gohan Absorbed and talked about Earth’s own fighters.