That headlines was a pleasure to to type. Everything about this live-action, Hollywood remake of Akira has sounded TERRIBLE. Just awful. Remember at first we heard Keanu Reeves was to star. Remember how ridiculous that sounded? Who’d have thought it would only become so much weirder when Garret Hedlund and Kristin Stewart were confirmed as leads Kaneda and Kei. Oh! And the film would take place in Neo-Manhattan. It was only the beginning of weird changes, making this film seem less and less like Akira at all.

Maybe, just maybe, we can stop fearing the worst. The movie might not happen at all! What a blessing that would be. THR is reporting the Vancouver production offices have closed and the film’s “being shut down in the face of casting and budgetary issues.” Ah-ha! Sucks to be you un-made Akira film, I hope you never see the light of day!

Apparently now, director Jaume Collet-Serra and the producers will focus on changing the script in order to lower the budget. And we’re talking about a budget that has already been cut in half once before. Soo…yikes. Not sure you can properly adapt Akira on a tiny budget of about $60m, but what the hell, they weren’t looking to properly adapt Akira anyhow.

Let’s all join together and pray this is the last we ever hear of this terrible, rotten idea for a movie. Just let Akira be.

Source: /Film

How Efficient Is Your Ride?

browsersWell, I’m sure that we have all used these browsers at one point or another, except for Opera.. WTF is that? These illustrations actually made me laugh out in a girlish manner. Especially the Internet Explorer picture. No one could have put it better. It’s that overexerted horse that you kick the shit out of when you still have a lot of work to do and it just lays down. And Safari… Let’s just put it this way, “Have you ever got laid by picking up some one on a bike?” (And not like grabbing a cyclist and lifting them in the air in some freak exertion of strength, but in a procreating manner) “What’s that? You haven’t? I wonder why..” And while you’re busy trying to figure out why I connected safari to picking people up on bikes I’m going to move on… And now, Google Chrome. This is the browser I use, and i must say this isn’t what i had pictured. I’ll try and explain. Google Chrome is like some poor teenager getting too early of a start during his first time.. You know. A PRE-lude for what would ensue. THAT fast. Because you guys know that fuse would take longer then some poor bastards preemptive strike against himself.. ENJOY!

Source: Geekologie