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You know the classic bridge to the guilty pleasure chorus of most seasoned nerds’ childhood: power and the force like you’ve never seen before, ability to morph to even up the score, no one can ever take them down (arguably) but if they do, they have their modular mech suits to save the day! The announcement of the newest Power Rangers team roster did tug at a lot of heartstrings in that certain nostalgic way, but the recent details about their newest transformations sound kind of…adventurous.


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As the classic adage goes, “everything old is new again.”  Reboot and remake fever has been at an all-time high over the last decade or so, and now the Powers That Be have turned their sights on one of the classic franchises for twenty- and thirty-somethings: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (more…)


Some of you may remember a movie from way back when by the name of Wargames. Originally starring Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy and a host of second-stringers, it became a bit of a cult classic due to its statement on the 80s hot-button issue of nuclear war. Now, MGM is setting up to bring a new version of Wargames to the big screen. The first step in that process is, of course, to secure a writer and a director, which, sources say, has been accomplished. Read on to see what names MGM has gone with. (more…)