Dear Lord Why

When you think of superheroes what images come to mind? Strong, noble, elbow deep in a bag of Cheetos and half passed out on the couch?

Yes my friends, the Batsnuggie is here. The third sign of the fatpocalypse is now available in superhero flavour. The ingenious people that put sleeves on a blanket give you the chance to lounge around the house like the Dark Knight.

Ok, I want to make fun on this, I really do… but look… LOOK. That my friends is a happy man. Clearly the ‘Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves’ had given him not just comfort, but the confidence to sit on the display furniture in what appears to be an Ikea. If you want one, or want to buy me one they are a steal on Amazon right now for just $37.50. Not a Batman fan in need of comfort and mobility? after the jump you can check out a suspiciously photoshopped Spiderman version and ladies, we didn’t forget about you, there is Wonder Woman too!


You’ve seen the teaser trailers, they didn’t show much. ( Australian Theatrical Trailer and the NFC Film Fest Teaser, via YouTube) Ready to see more? A lot more? The Full Trailer for The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence is out and… yeah, it shows more. Maybe more than you are ready for.

Director Tom Six said it would be the sickest movie of all time, that it would make the first look like My Little Pony.

So, wanna see it? It’s after the jump.