Probably not with the Black Jack and Hookers, but George R.R. Martin is fightin’ mad about Sony Pictures‘ move to cancel the release of The Interview. Now opinions, as they say, are like @$$holes – everyone’s got one – and while Sony has been chastised for kowtowing to terrorists rather than standing up for artistic expression, corporations always side on the option of least resistance. In this instance, that means weighing the potentiality of something happening against the likelihood that anything will happen, and Sony says better safe than sorry. But what will happen to The Interview? Last night on The Daily Show, Chris Rock affirmed that The Interview will get a release, and if it does, George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series of books, will be happy to provide it a venue. (more…)

Star Trek and Star Wars. They are by far the two most recognizable sci-fi series and for years had been the most divisive topic among nerds. By now, most fans have either made a choice, like both equally or lie about which they like best in order to keep their friends or significant other happy. But apparently this new wave sci-fi tolerance isn’t to the liking of William Shatner and Carrie Fisher. These two heavyweights (pun 100% intentional) have rebooted the oldest debate in all of nerdom, Star Trek vs Star Wars.

It all started back in September when Shatner came out claiming Star Trek was superior,

Fisher, outraged, responded with why Star Wars is sooooo much better,

And now we’re back with round two. Shatner fires off good reasons for Star Trek‘s case; Star Wars‘ crappy CGI, Jar-Jar Binks, constant revisions. Then Shatner goes for the low blow questioning Fisher’s bikini-wearing qualifications. They’re definitely not what they used to be.

Not wanting our comment to explode in an angry tirade over which series is better, I’ll phrase my question like this: Who has the better argument, Shatner or Fisher?

Also, who cannot wait what I’m guessing will be a mad and hilarious response from Fisher? (ME!)

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In what is some strangely phenomenal bit of promotion for “the regional premiere of the acclaimed Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary Knuckle” at this year’s Fantastic Fest, Elijah Wood challenged fellow former Hobbit, Dominic Monaghan to a debate followed by a round of boxing. Yes, you read that correctly, two hobbits fought each other. In a boxing ring.

What’s the dilemma of their debate? World of Warcraft. Wood hates it, Monaghan loves it.

Below is Wood’s challenge. Was he drunk when he made this video? It’s unsure. (But I’m going with yes. Most definitely, yes.)

Hah! I just about spit soda all over the screen at, “Where’s your Pippin now, bitch.”

Of course, Monaghan, not one to back down from a challenge, responded,

Then, in Austin, Texas the debate and subsequent boxing match went down. Who d’ya think would reign victorious? Of this Rumble in the Shire, who remains standing?

Ah, nuts. They settle their debate quite amicably and neither hobbit is knocked out. But whatever, if this fight was to go the whole nine yards, who would you pick to win?

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It’s an age old debate, is Batman the cure for crime in Gotham City, or the cause? Obviously, Gotham was a mighty big shit hole before he starting jumping rooftops dressed as a bat, but, if we use The Dark Knight as a major argument against, crazy villains like the Joker only appear after Batman. And hell, if you want to go with the comic book origin, Batman literally created the Joker by throwing poor Jack Napier into a vat of acid. Maybe it was an accidental shove, but still, without a Batman there wouldn’t be a Joker.

It is this timeless fanboy headache the crew of Cracked’s After Hours bring to the table in their newest episode, Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible for Gotham. You might remember these guys (and girl) from Why Star Wars is Secretly Terrifying for Women, in which they made some pretty eye-opening remarks. But is Batman truly bad for Gotham?

As expected things get heated when debating the usefulness of the world’s favorite crime fighter. Then things get really heated. Like steamy. Watch for yourself and feel free to weigh in below. Me? Batman is completely necessary. Who else would I obsess over? Superman? Puh-leaze!

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Wanna Start a Nerd Fight?

(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

This photo is working it’s way around the internet, apparently in an effort to make some nerds flame on and troll out. Not me, I kinda like it.

OK, sit back, sip your beer, and let’s think this through for a minute.  We’ve got a picture of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, a quote by Spock from Star Trek, and said quote attributed to Han Solo from Star Wars.

Mal is a smooth operator, much like Han, and Spock, Spock was the pimp daddy of the cool customers in the day.  (That means that he was the one stealing your girlfriend and raising your bike up the flag pole.)  This photo is the mash up of 70’s, 80’s, and 2000,s coolest men of on-screen science fiction.  We all know that Mal and Han shoot first and shoot straight.  Damn straight I say.  So how does Spock fit into that?  Spock is so smooth that he’s already planned your response into his planning of the plan he will use to defeat you, and make it all look so logically simple.  All three of these guys are the Dos Equis guy of their respective franchises.



Respect the Franchise Dos Equis Guys.  Forget Chuck Norris, these guys will mess up your world if you push the wrong buttons.  So the next time you see something like this, don’t spaz out, grab a beer and chill out.  All the cross franchise nerds are doing it.

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Can Video Games Be Considered Art?


This past weekend, the internets went on a huge nerd debate that is still going & now the news is showing up in a lot of places as it is gaining attention. The debate started  with the famed movie critic, Roger Ebert, who has stated this before, is that video games will never be considered art & believes that when video game will be considered art, it will be long before any of us can experience it as art. The reason why Ebert decided to talk about this is because someone sent him a video clip of Kellee Santiago, video game designer & producer, speaking on how video game is art. In his blog, he goes to explain why he thinks Santiago is wrong, & he does it well and explain his reasons why & is worth the read. (More after the jump) (more…)