deborah snyder

We have less than three weeks before the release of Wonder Woman, the DC Extended Universe’s (DCEU) first female solo comic movie (and in fact, the first female-centric superhero movie in general). Even with Wonder Woman not out already, Warner Bros is already looking forward to their future films they have on the horizon. At least two of those will feature female heroines. As expected, we will be seeing a sequel to Wonder Woman. In addition, Joss Whedon will direct a Batgirl film.



It wasn’t too long after Deadpool’s record-breaking opening weekend when James Gunn’s prophetic words started to come to pass, Hollywood was now crazy about R-rated comic book movies. People started talking about an R-rated Wolverine, and most surprisingly, came the news that there would be an R-rated director’s cut of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice that will be released on DVD, VOD and Blu-ray later this year. Well, just so you know, at least in the case of Batman V. Superman, none of that had to do with Deadpool. The timing of the announcement may have been suspicious, but it’s not being done because all the cool kids are doing it says the film’s director and producer. (more…)


A little while ago, the Internetz barfed up a little bit of news regarding the long-passed Zack Snyder adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel. It appears as if Joel Silver had a few things to say regarding the way the movie ended and how Terry Gilliam (a director previously attached to the film) would have changed things. His words seemed to imply that he didn’t really like Snyder’s ending and that Gilliam’s was the obvious better choice. Now, it looks like Snyder is firing back with his own opinion on the matter. Read on to hear what Snyder had to say. (more…)