We’ve recently gone over the news of the inevitable delay of George Martin‘s latest installment in the hit grimdark Song Of Ice And Fire series, which vexed the author and legions of nerds alike. Its delay caused considerable controversy (and some conspiratorial whispers) about the possibility of the HBO series veering too far away from the source material, which was made worse by the cryptic and downright grim Season 6 teaser that was recently released. However, the author recently decided to ease his fanbase’s fears by making a pretty bold statement…



Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

Comic fans have to be tired of waiting for Neil Gaiman and DC to deliver issues of the recent Sandman revival on time. When Sandman: Overture was first announced, it was supposed to be a bi-monthly series, launching in October 2013 (which, without a calculator, I can deduce that we should be on the fourth issue next month). However, the second issue slid from a planned December drop to an appearance just this past week. Now, Gaiman is saying that issue three won’t even hit stands until July. As the Brits themselves would say: bollocks!


It looks like Doctor Who‘s seventh series won’t be on the air until the fall of 2012. Since the sixth series is ending in about a week, there will basically be a year-long gap between the sixth and seventh series. Now, if only there were a way to travel through time… Hmm…

According to DoctorWhoTV, it looks like first half of the 14-episode series will air at the end of 2012 and the next half will spill over into 2013.

It seems likely that only half of Series 7 will be shown in Autumn 2012, with the remainder coming early 2013. This means the Christmas 2012 episode would air in the middle of a series rather than the end.

It would also mean that 2013 would see an eighth series airing in time for the 50th anniversary.

Source: The Mary Sue

We also have a fan song to share with y’all, and it’s called “Monsters Are Real”, by a ginger named Allegra and her ukelele. Basically, it’s a song about Who monsters and it’s pretty catchy. I’m glad I didn’t listen to this kind of shit when I was a kid. In fact, maybe I’ll go check under my bed right now…