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Words Good! Read Now!: Volume 4

Welcome to the fourth Words Good! Read Now! aka the least read column on the internet. Last time we saw a video of Mark Twain, heard from Howard Chaykin, and  went over the best of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 all from the comfort of our couches with the help of some fantastic writers. This time we’re checking out 100 odd, mind blowing movies whose corpses litter the floor of development hell, an interview with the legendary William Friedkin, and an interview with Neil Brennan (Chappelle’s Show). Before we jump on the magic carpet or hang glide off a Reading Rainbow, let’s put our hands over our arc reactors and repeat the Words Good! Read Now! oath:

We do this because we love writers and we love words and if 100 of you read this and go read these articles and then maybe some of you recommend those articles… well, then that will be a decent amount of people reading these things. Blah, blah, blah — Words Good! Read Now!


Mel Valentin speaks with director William Friedkin on the bent shape of Hollywood, the worthlessness of politicians, and getting the most out of Gina Gershon and Mathew McConaughey on Killer Joe. The article appears on (Full Disclosure: I write there as well) and it can be read here in all of it’s amazingness.

Phil Deyess-Nugent looks back at how The Honeymooners changed TV and reveals 10 groundbreaking episodes of the classic series for The AV Club. Wondering how this falls into the Nerd/Geek spectrum? Ever watch Big Bang, Community, Spaced, or any other nerdy sitcom? Well, respect the elders that helped birth the form. Here’s the article.

Speaking of ground breaking comedies, Neal Brennan co-created The Chappelle Show, and then that went away and he was left to sink or swim. Brennan opted for another tact though, and threw himself into stand-up comedy while also doing Hollywood on the side — which is a bit of a reversal. In this interview with Phil Davidson and Splitsider, Brennan talks about the future of sketch comedy and why he values stand-up over the possibility of mainstream movie success. Click here for the article.

I saved the best for last, but this is a long one. Charlie Jane Anders over at IO9 went and collected tales from 100 movies that almost happened but never quite made it. Everybody who reads this will take something else away from this, but for me the biggest shocker is this part: “Ivan Reitman was going to film it at one point, but he thought the answer the question of Life, the Universe and Everything being 42 was “too anticlimactic.” Click here for the article.

Alright, go read!



We all know the state of “development hell” that is Ghostbusters 3: over twenty years in development and its never gotten past the scripting stage. Fans of the film that was directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis have used any and all excuses for the delay, ranging from poor direction right down to the prima donna known as Bill Murray.

So what needs to be done now? Well, until they have a perfect script, Murray and the rest of the parapsychologists won’t be doing jack shit. So it’s time to try again, replacing Year One writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg with a new writing duo.

While in Amherst, New York promoting his Crystal Head Vodka (if you’re old enough, you must buy a bottle) Dan Aykroyd spoke with local news agency WIVB 4 in between signing autographs. And ever the sport, Aykroyd spoke up about the state of Ghostbusters 3.

Check out his answer below:

So according to Aykroyd, “There’s no point in doing it unless it’s perfect,” may possibly translate into, “If we can’t bend over backwards for Bill, there’s no way this will ever happen”. Bill has said that he’s open to another round as Peter Venkman but nothing has come close to being perfect as of yet. Aykroyd neglected to say much more than that a new team will be taking the reins of Gene and Lee, so we still don’t known who is writing this new draft.

Maybe we’ll finally see some progress in the near future – hopefully before some of us become ghosts ourselves.

Source: Comic Book Movie