Diablo II

On Monday May 14th, I waited in a long line outside of my local GameStop for the release of a game that my  fiancée was determined to pay off the weekend before. Diablo III, one of the most anticipated PC video games to be released from Blizzard Entertainment, was finally here after 12 long years. I personally had fond memories of Diablo I & II because I watched my Uncle play it when I was young. It really made me nostalgic for the 90’s. I never played Diablo myself until about two weeks ago, when I bought and started Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. When tackling an iconic and complex game like the Diablo series, you have to look at its past to truly define the strides it has made to differentiate itself from the preceding title.

The comparisons between Diablo III and II showcase Blizzard Entertainment’s care and attention to detail, that went into planning Diablo III. The obvious changes made to the game include: the visual graphics update, retooling of the skill bar system, diversity of character selection, and much more that gives little to complain about. Yet complain we will , there were certain aspects of the game that were not enjoyable, but did showcase how the company managed in a semi-crisis situation.

So me and the C.C Bros. tackled the game non-stop for a week, I from the past and they from the present, to show how Diablo III stands up against the scrutiny of loyal fans and newcomers to the series.


Yesterday, was personally, my first time playing the Diablo franchise and I must say I’m hooked! While many are still ranting, raving, weeping and wailing on the awesomness that is The Avengers the gamer community is hushed in anticipation. It has been 11 years in the making, and finally we are able to see the fruits of the constant teases from Blizzard Entertainment’s highly anticipated title Diablo III. Release dates continued to change for the title up until late last year, but with a new year we usher a new era of computer gaming this summer that is sure to change how people see computer gaming. Nothing, but the best from Blizzard Entertainment!

So what better way to start the countdown than taking a gander at this wonderfully made animated short on the story behind the war between Angels & Demons that started the war that plays out in the whole Diablo franchise. Directed by Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung and animated by Titmouse, the studio behind Metalocalypse, this visually stunning short will have you itching to get back into the story and let the game absorb hours of your life as it has done with mine.

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