Die Hard 6


For many, Die Hard with a Vengeance was the last good Die Hard movie; for others though, Die Hard was the last good Die Hard movie, so let’s just say it’s a contentious debate and leave it at the idea that A Good Day to Die Hard was horrid, horrid, horrid! Still, it collected a few coins at the worldwide box office, and Bruce Willis said he’d enjoy another go in John McCain’s shoes, so a follow-up is inevitable. But will it suck? Perhaps Fox is buttressing their odds by adding one of the reasons that Vengeance was so enjoyable, by re-teaming Willis with Samuel L. Jackson. (more…)


Admit it, the moment you saw the words “Die Hard” flash onto your television screen earlier this year, your mind filled with visions of explosions and John McClane one-liners. It’s pretty much a lock that A Good Day to Die Hard is going to be a success considering the amount of promotional and marketing work that’s gone into the production, but  how much of a success this latest venture into the Die Hard franchise will be, remains to be seen. Don’t worry much about this being the last Die Hard movie in the franchise though, there’s already talk of another sequel in the works.

Bruce Willis has already expressed his interest doing a sixth film in a recent interview during the live BBC daily television program One Show. According to reports about the interview, when asked if a sixth Die Hard was on the horizon, Willis grinned coyly and said “Yes.”

What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

This could be his way of having a bit of fun and messing with the hosts, but it’s most likely just Willis restating what he said a few years back when Willis said he would retire McClane after a fifth or sixth Die Hard was released. Depending on the opening weekend’s box office results, that could be a possibility either way even if those box office results go stale for A Good Day to Die Hard. Of course it might just be one final push by Willis and Fox to pull in some last minute interest in this latest Die Hard film. A Good Day to Die Hard hits theater screens February 14th, 2013.

When we find out in the coming weeks we’ll let you know if and when Die Hard 6: Just Die is on the way to your local theater.

Source: /Film