Possible Plot Details for ‘Tron 3’ Revealed

It’s all but officially confirmed, Tron 3, or Tr3n as I’ll be refferring to it, because I can, will be happening. Director of Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski is promoting the film’s recent release on DVD and Blu-ray and while out and about with the press he’s mentioned where he envisions Tr3n going,

I think we will pick with where TRON: LEGACY left off with Quorra in the real world and what does that mean and the possibilities it opens up for the next chapter. It’s that relationship between the two of them that’s the next step.

Dillinger was a really important part of the first film and felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son (Cillian Murphy) in the new movie. That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of TRON. We didn’t want to ignore it completely and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film.

It would be fantastic to give Cillian Murphy more to do in the next film, he was dreadfully underused in Tron: Legacy. But of course the Tron movies are about the time spent on the grid. Which makes the mention of exploring Quorra adapting to the real world a little boring. I don’t think fans of the series want to spend much time in the real world, we want to travel into the world of the computer, that’s the films’ allure. The script, which hasn’t even been started, will most likely be penned by returning screenwriters, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

Nothing too earth shattering in these snippets from Kosinski but it gives us some things to think about before Tr3n production kicks off. Like, is there much enthusiasm for a sequel to the mediocre Tron: Legacy? I enjoyed Legacy but it didn’t thrill me like Tron did as a child and the story felt flat. Jeff Bridges reprising his role was my favorite part, and I don’t mean the role of Flynn, I mean the Dude. I swear that’s who he was in Legacy, the Dude on the grid. Legacy made decent dough for Disney, enough they won’t ignore, about $400 million worldwide. Factor in all the merchandising, toys and DVD/Blu-ray sales and they’ve got themselves a nice little money making franchise.

Are you waiting with bated breath for Tr3n or are you tired of all this grid talk?

source: /Film

Tron 3 Villain Revealed?


There has been a lot of stuff coming out recently regarding the sequel to Tron: Legacy, nicknamed Tron 3 (or Tr3n) by fans.

A few weeks ago, we reported here that a teaser linking the events of Legacy and its sequel was leaked online, entitled “The Next Day.”

Now, a new teaser has been leaked online by the same individual who leaked the previous one. This one contains a conversation between Ed Dillinger Senior and Junior, discussing just how dangerous Flynn could be.

This video appears to lend credence to the belief that Dillinger Senior and his father, the Master Control Program, will be the “bad guys” in Tron 3.

But, keep in mind that Legacy did not do really well in theaters, so the odds of a sequel are slim. But, with the buzz from these teasers and DVD/Blu-Ray sales … you just never know.

What do you think? Do you think Tron: Legacy deserves a sequel?