Perhaps it’s the flavor of the month for name film directors, or maybe the suddenly outpouring of Doctor Who love is timed to this week’s departure of The Ponds from the series, but a new name has emerged from the vortex, and it seems his heart’s desire is to direct The Doctor and an adventure in the TARDIS too.

Interestingly, this revelation comes as Rian Johnson is doing promotion for his latest film Looper, which is a sci-fi film about hit men who are hired by the mob from the future to kill marks sent back in time. Answering questions on one of Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything,” Johnson was asked if there was any TV series he might be interested in directing an episode of. Johnson has previously lensed episodes of Breaking Bad and Terriers, but he had a rather surprising answer for the forum:

I’d love to do a Game of Thrones.

But what I’d really kill to try, although it would be terrifying because I’m such a big fan of it? Doctor Who.

Johnson joins Peter Jackson in the ranks of big name directors outed as Who fans itching to direct an adventure of everyone’s favorite Time Lord. And the feeling seems to be mutual as Who executive producer Caro Skinner responded to Jackson’s spontaneous declaration of Who love earlier this week:

It is beyond wonderful that Peter is a fan of the show and it’s beyond flattering that he’d even think about it… I’m absolutely sure that we couldn’t afford him but, you know, we can always negotiate. His enthusiasm is just fantastic of course.

How about you Bastards? Do you want to see a Johnson directed Who?

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What do you know, a rumor hits the internet and we all lose our collective shits. Yesterday Variety – yes, the reputable news source not some silly blog or gossip rag – was reporting Warner Bros. was in talks with Ben Affleck to direct their Justice League movie. Yes, Ben Affleck. Let’s just say this news didn’t sit well fanboys and girls internet wide, especially after the news Disney and Marvel were keeping Joss Whedon around for three more years.

But now Deadline is calling bullshit on Variety’s story. They’re reporting they checked with their sources on this story last week and we’re told by Affleck’s reps he would not be seeking the project. So, did he have a meeting with Warner Bros. or not? Has he indeed read Will Beall’s script? Who knows! I’m sure the truth of this will be forever lost in back alley Hollywood negotiations. Unless one of the involved parties comes out and clarifies, which I also find unlikely.

The news WB would go to Ben Affleck for directing their Justice League didn’t sit well with me no matter how many people pointed our his directorial success in recent years, and now it appears I had good reason to doubt it. What do you think about these conflicting reports from such solid news sources? Who’s got the right story?

And with this news I believe this project is on the path to not sucking. Anytime the words “Disney” and “adapting” are linked there’s a sense of fear. “Oh boy, how are they going to fuck this one up?” you ask yourself. Not that Disney hasn’t done great work, of course they have, but they do tend to take other people’s great work and make is almost unrecognizable. Hopefully, by bringing in Henry Selick to direct their adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s The Graveyard Book they’ve avoided screwing it up.

Selick is probably best known for directing Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas, a true masterpiece of stop-motion animation, but he’s also worked from Gaiman’s text before when he directed Coraline, another great film. Stop-motion is wonderfully suited for bring these spooky but not frightening worlds to life and what a smart move to choose it again for The Graveyard Book. Well, I guess we don’t know for sure if it’ll be stop-motion, but remember what I said about making the right decisions so your movie won’t suck. Yeah, this is one of those choices, go with stop-motion.

For those unfamiliar with Gaiman’s book here’s a quick synopsis,

Bod is an unusual boy who inhabits an unusual place-he’s the only living resident of a graveyard. Raised from infancy by the ghosts, werewolves, and other cemetery denizens, Bod has learned the antiquated customs of his guardians’ time as well as their timely ghostly teachings-like the ability to Fade. Can a boy raised by ghosts face the wonders and terrors of the worlds of both the living and the dead? And then there are things like ghouls that aren’t really one thing or the other. 

I don’t think they could have asked for a better guy than Selick to direct this movie. They simply must animate with stop-motion, I just can’t imagine it any other way!

What do you guys think? Picking Selick means it must be in stop-motion, right?

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Deadline is reporting Matthew Vaughn has signed the deal with Fox to direct the sequel for X-Men: First Class. I’m sorry everyone who was holding out hope Vaughn would be behind a Kick-Ass sequel, but I still welcome the news. First Class was the best X-Men film yet, and the added 60s flair made is seem fresh, no lingering X3 stink.

Vaughn’s been dropping hints about what he’d like to see the sequel explore, saying in an interview last year,

I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto. That would explain the physics of it, and we see that he’s pissed off because Kennedy took all the credit for saving the world and mutants weren’t even mentioned.

And while I hear this and think it sounds a little campy, I’d probably have thought the same had I heard Kevin Bacon would hijack the Cuban Missile Crisis. I have faith that with Vaughn involved this premise could be done well. Awesome in fact, since we already know Michael Fassbender is the best Magneto since, well, Ian McKellan.

Also in the report is the news Simon Kinberg will write the script and Bryan Singer will be back as producer. Which again only speaks to the high hopes for its quality.

Let’s cross our fingers this announcement means pre-production starts this year.

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It was quite a shock when Darren Aronofsky announced that he would not direct The Wolverine. After considering a year in Japan was too long of a commitment (whining something about being away from family) the cinemaster behind ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘Black Swan’ paused any chance the production had for a summer start. Even his relationship with star Hugh Jackman couldn’t keep him in the director’s chair. With no director and filming in Japan uncertain, thanks to the disaster currently in the country, it appears that the adamantium warrior won’t be ready to see the silver screen. However, that doesn’t mean that star Hugh Jackman is worried about it.

Keep those sideburns growing

In an interview with ComingSoon at CinemaCon, Hugh Jackman said:

“We need to find another director and once we’ve found that, we’ll be able to know. It’s too early to call on Japan, I’m not sure where they’re at, so now we’re finding another director, but Fox is very anxious to make the movie and we’re moving ahead full steam to find another director.”

If Jackman isn’t worried then you shouldn’t be either, right? A new director is fine but the script relies heavily on taking place in Japan (inspired from Frank Millers comic run), you just can’t replace Japan with another country and consider it all even. Did this sudden change in Darren’s choice of work strain the pals working relationship? Hell no, “This one didn’t work out but hopefully there’ll be another one,” the actor said.

Hopefully they get another director very soon to take over. It sucks to lose such a talented director like Aronofsky to scheduling conflicts and personal decisions but as long as they can cover everything by the end of the year they should be fine. Hopefully, FOX doesn’t hire some asshat director, like Stephen Sommers or Brett Ratner.

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J. J. Abrams created some pretty crazy things back in 2008. His series Fringe was taking Fox and Sci-Fi T.V. for the start of a wonderful ride. In theater however,  people were treated to a first-person, disaster-monster film that made people say “OMG”. Giving North America it’s own Godzilla that couldn’t be destroyed by the government or anything that was thrown at it. Yeah it wasn’t real original but it made tons of money. Since then, folks have been waitin’ and wondering if will get a sequel. As of right now….there hasn’t been even a weird, confusing trailer hidden under a secret title or some page of the internet. However director Matt Reeves has been telling people the sequel will happen. It might not be this year but it’ll be out……one day.

How do you stop what can’t be killed?

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Reeves, who just so happened to be the director of Cloverfield spoke about a future sequel.

“At the moment we are talking about the story quite a lot. Drew Goddard, who wrote the original, is going to pen the sequel, and J.J. Abrams is very much involved. However, the three of us have been so busy that getting the right idea together has been taking a long time.”

On top of not being able to zero out any time to just sit down together and work out a story properly, they also have the issue of how to film the movie. With the first one being a hand-held affair, the problem aeries as to how can they repeat the one camera shot and not tarnish what made the first so good. “We want it to be shot like the first, but how can you continue that idea successfully for a second time?”

With Reeves himself just finishing his directing for Let Me In, Goddard in the middle of writing Robopocalypse and Abrams directing Super 8, coming out this summer, next it looks like 2011 won’t be another year of shaky camera angles and night-vision. How sad.

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