If you’re like me, you jumped ship on Dexter long ago (I bailed after the season with John Lithgow proved literally nothing could save the dramatically flailing beast). But if you stuck with Showtime’s long-running serial killer serieto the bitter end, you were more-than-likely disappointed with the conclusion. Much like Lost (whose closing moments have become a thing “we do not speak of”), it’s almost universally accepted that the Dexter finale stunk up the joint, refusing to bring fans any sort of enjoyable closure. Now the blood-spatter expert himself, Michael C. Hall, has weighed in on the series closer and addresses rumors of a possible Dexter spin-off.


Things Just Never Work Out For Darth Vader

This is a fan video exploring what would happen if Vader were to see the new cut of the films. Basically, Vader needs to get used to this constant stream of disappointments, ’cause it ain’t ever gonna work out for him!

Apparently it’s a thing to have a bottomless pit (a “ventilation shaft?”) installed in one’s office. Gotta get on that shit! And Darth Vader really has it tough, man.

The picture above makes sense once you’ve watched the video below, see? It’s the one thing that may have gone right. Giggitygiggity.

Source: Topless Robot