Wolverine's claws DIY

Tony Swatton is a blacksmith who has created weapons for 200+ feature films, and now he’s made a set of Wolverine‘s adamantium claws out of tempered steel. In the video below, part of his Man at Arms series, he goes through the process of making them and testing them out by destroying tons of stuff. They’re actually seriously badass – that’s all I can say. You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

We’ve covered other things he’s done before, like the Orcish battleaxe, Cloud’s buster sword, and tons more. He’ll also be a panelist at the SDCC this weekend.

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rocketeer cosplay

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ABOVE: Cosplayer Riddle salutes the iconic Rocketeer with her feminine take on the character. [Pix and Words]

NESN64 controller

This super cool N64 controller has been given a NES make-over by designer Zoki64. Check out Nerd Approved for other images and a video!

comic lanterns

The gals of the International House of Geek give a tutorial on how to make these nerdy comic book inspired lanterns. Perfect for that romantic Valentine’s Day dinner you’ll be having by yourself in your mom’s basement.

lego brick mug

As if coffee could get any better! With this LEGO mug from ThinkGeek, you can build while you drink the nectar of the caffeinated gods! Uh, but I’d be careful not to get too excited by what you’re building. You don’t want to spill your coffee.


PEPP-ER-ON-I!!! PEPP-ER-ON-I! [Obvious Winner]


This XKCD is actually not new. It came across my Twitter feed today and I felt it needed to be shared, especially because as nerds, we tend to feel like crap about ourselves. So here’s a reminder that you’re wonderful. Aw.

pixar phoenix

The rest of you mashup artists can just GO HOME because Phil Postma has pwned you all with his superhero/Pixar combos. [Nerd Approved]


TARDIS coasters from ThinkGeek! Whatever, I’m just waiting for someone to make me a wine glass that’s bigger on the inside so that no one knows how much Shiraz I’m imbibing.

The ladies of Team Unicorn are being super teases and only giving us a 30 second look into their new video “For the Win.”

This video game retrospective of Aliens goes all the way back to the 1982 Atari game. Really crazy to see the Commodore 64 graphics, computers have come a long way in just a few decades!

Despite the fact that BlackBerry is a dead company walking, they’re very smart to capitalize on the nerdlove we all have for Neil Gaiman. His “Keep Moving” project was also one of the most beautiful things I saw happen on Twitter last week.

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)




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Hey kids! Looking for a fun summer project? Wanna make your old Xbox into a Millennium Falcon? Of course you do, and all you need is, well, an old Xbox, a 1979 Kenner Millenium Falcon toy (available on eBay for, it seems, anywhere from $20-$100), some tools, and the soul of an adventurer who knows how to use a soldering iron.

A full PDF with explicit instructions on how to complete this project can be found on Instructables and was submitted by Major League Mods user pizonbongo. According to some on the boards of that site, this could, theoretically, be used to transform other consoles, though as many of you know, there are some consoles (that shall remain nameless) that have a fatal design flaw that could be exploited.

By the way, pizonbongo put this up on the interweb for freesy but I’m sure somewhere, Darth Lucas is sitting upon his throne, breathing heavily, trying to figure out a way to make money off of this idea.

Disclaimer: I haven’t the mechanical wizardry or jedi-ness to complete this project so I won’t be attempting it (even though I, coincidentally, have a Falcon, and an Xbox), so if you don’t, don’t. NerdBastards is not responsible for any broken game consoles, 1979 Millennium Falcons, or yous. So if you look to sue someone after soldering your nuts to the laser canon, we are not the droids you seek. Also, why are you soldering nudely?


Call me easily amused but I’m clapping my hands like the mentally challenged (is that what you call em’ these days?) at this DIY Zelda Treasure Chest w/ sound effects. DO WANT! You can put your weed in there, man! Also porn, lots and lots of porn. With the “duh-duh-DUH-DUH!” sound upon opening it be like Christmas every time. Squeee!

I’d never be able to make it myself. I’d somehow wind up super gluing my face to my genitals. Course, I don’t really need to bend that far for that to happen…if you know what I mean. Anyway, hit the jump for instructions and a list of supplies.

Source: Geekologie Via Instructables


It’s iconic, it’s geeky, and if you know how to build you can have one of your very own to enjoy. Mario gets to punch these things like crazy in every single Super Mario game ever made in the last 25 years. Little money boxes are like the banks of the Nintendo world, they just get slapped around more then princess Peach at one too many Mushroom Kingdom picnics. This DIY project takes a bit more know-how then knowing Yoshi is a dinosaur however, but if your up to it let’s a go!

Level 1-1, now where’s that screwdriver?

Created by Bruno Games, A.K.A. “brunoip”, this little number is a pipe dream to those that can’t tell their Wii from a hole in the ground. Luckily he’s willing to share his piece of nerdy tech with the world. It’s not as simple as putting a cut-out together and calling it done. It requires knowledge of springs, levers, timers, servos, mp3 player and soldering. If you up for that then it’s time to get to work on furthering yourself from ever getting a girl.

Via: You bent My Wookie

And here is another case of nerds who have too much time on their hands. 23-year-old Brittney Schneck converted her ’93 Dodge Caravan into a near-perfect, life-size replica of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Ninja Van. In case you were interested the conversion took just over a year, and was done in her father’s auto-detailing business. paid for from a part-time cahier job while she was going to college. Jalopnik reports that Schneck “hand-painted and stenciled the exterior colors, fabricated the ray gun, spoiler and other add-ons from scratch,” and “rebuilt and replaced most of the Caravan’s mechanical parts.”

Of all the cool things you could do to a van if you had the time, money and resources…….and she makes the freakin turtle van. Call me one jealous bastards.



How to Build Your Own Batarang


We at nerdbastards don’t advocate throwing sharp objects at people. Really, it never ends well. But, it’s a different story when a piece of pointy death is actually a DIY nerd craft that is made of safe mostly safe plexiglass.  An craftsman named spookylean has written a how-to guide on making the snap-action Batarangs from Batman: Arkham Asylum (sweet!).

Here’s spookylean’s guide to making Batarangs. A single Batarang cost him $17 and took 10 hours — building them takes a bit of arts and crafts know-how, but the final result is quite handsome.

Now all you need is years of intense martial arts training; a college level education in criminology, chemistry, physics, electronics and engineering, a british butler, a costume and you’re all set to prowl the night.

Most kids end up with a crappy “tree house” in the back yard that your dad spent a few drunken Saturdays throwing together, just so
he could avoid your mother. They usually  end up being no more than a deathtrap consisting of a giant piece of plywood a shitty 2×4
“ladder” nailed into the side of the tree and a never ending slew of curse words.
What did one lucky whippersnapper end up with? A goddamn triple bunk bed designed to look like an Imperial Walker. Complete with
sleeping area, Hoth LEGO display , and just so the kid didn’t feel unloved a fucking clubhouse to round it all off.
Check out more photos and how dad built it after the jump…