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I, for one, DO NOT want a movie based on Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon’s Preacher series. It’s one of my favorite comic book series of all time, and while I always envisioned a live-action version, I would never truly want this graphic novelization to be watered down and bastardized by Hollywood, which would be a utter tragedy.

After many years of it being an off and on again project (movie and television series), and exchanging more hands than the dollar bill that says “Where’s George?”,  an adaptation is still being kicked around as a possibility.  I Am Number 4 director DJ Caruso has long be rumored to helm a feature film. Which, by the way, I Am Number Four was a terrible movie and an even worse adaptation; more like “Watch Me Take a Number 2”. The guy has already ruined one literary piece, keep him the hell away from Preacher. But I digress…

While still associated with the project, which displeases me, there is some good news regarding Caruso’s commitment, or rather lack there of.  An adaptation of has been put off (again), as Caruso is elbow deep fisting other franchises, including a sequel to I am Number 4, and can’t shift attention to the DC comic.

While promoting his upcoming family film titled Standing Up, Caruso said:

“I’m still attached to Preacher and we’re wrestling with Sony because I got another movie at Sony called Invertigo, which is a big action film we’re trying to get going this summer. So Preacher got put on the back burner, but we’re still involved with Preacher and hopefully we’ll have some good news on that soon. Todd August wrote a great script. I think it’s one of those features that has to kind of go through the studio system if it’s going to be made for a certain price. So we’re kind of revisiting a way to approach making the movie in the right way.”

Never mind the fact that Caruso feels the need for this project to go through a studio gauntlet, which infuriates me to Super Saiyan levels of rage (that’s like giving up all creative control)  Preacher is, quite frankly, unfilmable. It’s a 60+ issues comic series (and that doesn’t included all the tie-ins). It’s waaaaaaaay too big to film. It’s one of those stories that should just remain a comic book. The structure isn’t right for film or television. Well, actually, HBO could probably do it right, but even then I’m sure it would be watered down and cherry picked, and that would be a shame.

I wish Jesse Custer would leap from the pages, use the voice of God, and command Caruso (and all other would-be directors) to turn around and walk away from this.

Preacher is a comic book series from writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, that’s published by DC Comics imprint, Vertigo. The story follows Jesse Custer, a preacher in the small Texas town of Annville who was accidentally possessed by a supernatural creature called Genesis, an infantile entity that very well could be the most powerful being in the universe. This supernatural occurrence prompts Dillion to begin a cross country pilgrimage to discover the truth about his newly acquired powers.

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Preacher, the awesome comic book epic by Garth Ennis, has been in line for adaptation to film for years now.  Setback after setback have kept the ball from rolling on this one, but still it fights against what seems to be the inevitable tide of pre-production limbo.  A number of directors have been attached over the years, including Sam Mendes (Skyfall), Rachel Talalay (Tank Girl) and Mark Steven Johnson (Daredevil, Ghost Rider).  The latest person to announce they would be putting Preacher together was DJ Caruso (Disturbia) back in February of 2011.

Now, John August, scriptwriter for Tim Burton’s upcoming Frankenweenie (as well as Charlie’s Angels) has stated that he’s still trying to put something together.  And though the news seems hopeful for Preacher fans, even August isn’t betting on the film getting made anytime in the near future.

His opinion:

I don’t know if the birth is going to be any time soon. That’s the frustration about screenwriting. You can spend a lot of time on a project and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t happen.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Preacher, then you are a dirty heathen!  But for the sake of being nice, here’s the basic rundown:

Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher in the small Texas town of Annville. Custer was accidentally possessed by the supernatural creature named Genesis in an incident which killed his entire congregation and flattened his church.
Genesis, the product of the unauthorized, unnatural coupling of an angel and a demon, is an infant with no sense of individual will. However, as it is composed of both pure goodness and pure evil, it might have enough power to rival that of God Himself. In other words, Jesse Custer, bonded to Genesis, may have become the most powerful being in the whole of living existence.
Custer, driven by a strong sense of right and wrong, goes on a journey across the United States attempting to (literally) find God, who abandoned Heaven the moment Genesis was born. He also begins to discover the truth about his new powers. They allow him, when he wills it, to command the obedience of those who hear and comprehend his words. He is joined by his old girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, as well as a hard-drinking Irish vampire named Cassidy.

If only they can get it made… and if only they don’t screw it up royally.  So what is the opinion of the fair and virile Nerdreaders?  Still wanna see a Preacher movie, or have the years of waiting imparted in you, as they have me, a deep cynicism as to whether it will ever see production?


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for getting my hopes up… again.

For fans, Y: The Last Man is one of those comic-to-film efforts that keeps going one step forward and three steps back. Once upon a time, D.J. Curoso was prepping a trilogy based on the Brian K. Vaughan-penned graphic novel starring his Disturbia and Eagle Eye-star Shia Labeouf. Then Incredible Hulk director Louis Letterier came aboard and encountered similar difficulty getting Y made.

But a recent draft of a screenplay penned by Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia seems to have New Line grinning with anticipation… From all the money they’re going to make from Y: The Last Man the movie once they get a director and get it into production, which is what they’re now trying to do.

Here’s the latest word from Vulture:

We hear that the studio is very pleased with a draft from former Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, and has already begun the process of meeting with director candidates to hire for the project.

Y: The Last Man followed the adventures of Yorrick, the last man on Earth after a plague wiped out all mammals with an X chromosome. The 60-issue series, published between 2002 and 2008, follows Yorrick and his monkey Ampersand as they travel the post-plague Earth trying to find the reason for their immunity, and the key to humanity’s survival.

More news as it develops (and hopefully it will develop this time).

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A rumor has surfaced, that in my opinion doesn’t make a whole lotta sense.  It has surfaced that DJ Caruso (Disturbia/Eagle Eye) may direct a big screen adaptation of the comic Preacher. John August (Go, Big Fish, Corpse Bride) penned the script which producer Neil Moretz has said will be the first of a series of films.” And the news gets even more strange, this will all be dependent on the first weeks’ success of his upcoming blockbuster, I Am Number Four.  For those of you who don’t know about Preacher,

The story follows an ex-preacher man, Jesse, who has become disgusted with God’s abandoning of His responsibilities. So Jesse starts off into the wilds of Texas with his hitman girlfriend and new best friend (a vampire) to find God so that he can give Him a piece of his mind.

The plot is what really has me questioning utilizing Caruso to direct this thing.  Now, while Number Four deals with Aliens and the Supernatural this is Caruso’s first time diving into something like that.  I could picture Caruso doing a different kind of Superhero movie like Spiderman or Superman (something not as dark); he’s great with directing action and capturing people’s raw emotions.  However, DJ directing a film like Preacher just doesn’t seem to fit.

Now I had the opportunity to catch an early screening of Number Four and it was tons of fun!  Lots of action and a really cool story to follow.  So if Caruso does end up directing this thing albeit strange, I still believe it would turn out well.  What do you guys think of this news?  And for those of you who know Preacher well, who do you think should direct this beast??

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