Deadpool Movie Checklist: Tights…check,  Guns…check. Matching industrial set katanas…check Marvel superhero cameos…you bet your sweet hinny. If only we got a teensy bit more roundhouse kicking…oh wait. Now we do. Deadpool is kicking things up a notch in this new television spot that aired over the weekend. Go ahead and watch it, your boss isn’t looking and if he or she does catch you at it… blame us.



It’s the last Tuesday for the month of August and even though summer is coming to a close, NerdBastards got you covered for DVD Tuesday. As always, we list what movie was released this week and recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. We got the usual Old is New, TV Show DVD, Anime Pick, and the LOL/WTF Release section this week. Although it may be a “lite” week, there may be something that you might be interested in, so check after the jump to see what was released.