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No disrespect to the man as he is a fantastic actor, but Donal Logue is probably someone most people will probably refer to as “that guy from that movie,” or “I know that dudes face …he was in… errrrr?!,” (there is an actual list of ‘those guys’ on imdb btw). Ultimately, most will be unable to put a face to the name. That is – of course – until now, due to his big break in DC’s bonafide hit Gotham (which airs on Fox TV). ­­In a co-starring role playing Detective Harvey Bullock, Logue excels in his role and you can tell he is relishing in the part of the corrupt, morally ambivalent anti-hero; a character that is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his loyalty to the force. Great performance. (more…)


As we edge closer to the premiere dates for CW‘s The Flash and FOX‘s Gotham, the teasers, clips, and inside information will continue to ramp up the excitement for both series. Hell, they’ve already released the pilot episode for The Flash and I’m still excited to see anything The Flash related hit the Internet. This time around it’s Gotham‘s The Good and Evil and The Flash‘s My Name is... (more…)

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There’s a lot of new information, pictures, and videos popping up around the Internet for Warner Brothers and ‘DC Comics‘ new FOX television series Gotham. We’ve scoured the Internet, shined the brightest lights into the Internet’s cobwebbed and shadowy corners to bring you them all right here. Seriously, it took me at least ten minutes worth of finger pounding keyboard Goggling. (more…)


It’s not easy being one of Gotham City’s top cops, there’s more scrutiny, second guessing, and editorializing by the media than the average person can handle, and that’s just from the Batman fans. Actor Donal Logue is going to have to get used to all the naval gazing since he’s playing the role of Detective Harvey Bullock in the new Fox series Gotham, but from the sounds of it, he’s already prepared for the passion Bat-fans will bring to bear on his new series should it not meet their high expectations. “That fan base is the most ardent, loyal — sometimes super-critical,” the actor said, “but they think critically about it because they care about it.” (more…)


At the upfronts today, the Fox network announced that Gotham, the new Batman prequel series, was getting a plum spot on the prime time schedule. Come September, you’ll be able to watch Gotham leading in to a brand new season of Sleepy Hollow, and if that isn’t an awesome night of nerdy TV, I don’t know what is (unless The CW teams up Arrow with The Flash). But the show won’t be on the air for months, so in a rather tepid attempt to hold over you nerds till the fall, here’s a bunch of behind the scenes photos from the series! (more…)

First Image of Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock


Gotham news is accumulating at a very rapid rate. The new TV series based on a DC Comics’ property which will find a home on FOX in the fall (assuming its pilot is a success) has begun filming. Thanks to this start in production we’ve gotten our first look at the series’ star, James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as well as their version of The Penquin, a.k.a. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Now get ready to see Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock! (more…)

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As Fox/DC’s Gotham TV show slowly yet surely makes its way into production, fans of the Batman universe are eager for more details. We already know a bit about what sorts of villains we might expect to see and have a decent list of the casting thus far, but what’s really going on under the surface? What kind of show will this be and why should we tune in each week for what sounds like little more than a DC-themed procedural show? Luckily, Donal Logue has emerged and tossed out a few more details about his role as Harvey Bullock and the show in general. Check out what he had to say below. (more…)