Donald Duck

Disney is known for their squeaky clean, family-friendliness. There are parents throughout American who trust Disney with protecting their children from anything obscene or inappropriate, to the point of allowing their children to watch only Disney films exclusively. It’s this image that Disney wants to preserve, and in doing so fired James Gunn for a series of jokes that were, admittedly, off-color, black humor that wasn’t appropriate for public consumption. But when we look closer at Disney’s not-so-distant past, the company and the man it’s named for aren’t so squeaky-clean either. As fans, family, and friends clamor for Gunn to be given a second chance we look back on Disney’s own sordid past. How many chances has The House of Mouse been given?



Life is like a hurricane in Duckberg, and nobody knows it better than Scrooge McDuck; the millionaire codger was a  character children fell in love with while watching Disney’s Saturday morning classic, DuckTales. The show premiered in 1987, and was so successful that it led to a feature film, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, and two highly successful video games (one of which was remastered not too long ago). DuckTales (and spin-offs DarkWing Duck and Quack Pack) has since remained a nerdy fan favorite (even resulting in some disturbing deconstructions). Last year, Disney realized how sorely the franchise was missed, and moved ahead to revive the show with a reboot on Disney XD. Now, we’re getting our first glimpse in poster form. (more…)

What does Marsellus Wallace Look Like?


There isn’t much to be said as an introduction of this next video clip.  It’s hilarious and I cannot stop watching it.  This is what it would be like if Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse were the two characters talking to each other in this famous scene from Pulp Fiction when Samuel L. Jackson asks the wormy guy if Marsellus Wallace looks like a bitch.  The world would be much more interested in Christianity these days if Donald Duck read more passages out of the Bible.

Source: slashfilm


Why are we here today? Well to acknowledge and celebrate televisions greatest cartoon ducks, that’s why. Seriously, no great cartoon is without a good duck. We judge a mallard not by cuteness but by contents of their character. So let us get on with then. Here are the 9 Ducks That’ll Make You Quack For More. Lets get ducky!