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Perhaps the world’s most famous barrel-wielding ape, Donkey Kong is one of gaming’s most iconic faces. Inventive, athletic and a family man to boot, Donkey Kong has been a prime part of video game culture for generations. The lovable gorilla has appeared in over forty different games and any Nintendo compilation piece featuring all the favourite faces would seem oddly lacking without him there. He featured as the main antagonist in the absurd 2015 movie Pixels and has had two separate TV shows based on his adventures. (more…)

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ABOVE: You can’t get much better than gaming and wine can you? Joel Griffin Dodd converted an old wine barrel into a fully functioning Donkey Kong tabletop arcade game. I need one of these in my living room… and I also need to know what happened to all of the wine that was in the barrel, because I need to drink it.   [Obvious Winner]




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Above: It’s good to see Disney is putting their ownership of the Star Wars franchise to good use, like making their princesses jedi knights. Ok, they didn’t, but Ralph Sevelius did. [Nerrrding]

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The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s fuckin’ weird shit like gay Vulcan pr0nz. But there are a lot of awesome things that we see on a daily basis and we’re lazy nerd bastards so we just round them all up once a week for your nerdgasm glory.

First off this week is some paper art by Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, who call themselves Zim and Zou. This collection, called Back to Basics, consists of models of retro electronics that are hand made with sustainable paper. Every scrap is saved for potential later use. It’s pretty fuckin’ insane. Check out the site for more pictures, and a video detailing their process.

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A while back Nerdbastards wrote about Hank Chien, the man who bent former Donkey Kong champs Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe over a table and went to town on their asses. Chien is the new high score champion of the 8-bit game Donkey Kong, capturing it from the bitter rivals with a score of 1,090,400. Now he can add one more title to his resume, other then doctor and gamer, a movie star. Just like the aforementioned Mitchell and Wiebe, Chien is the star of his very own video game documentary called Doctor Kong: Cutting Up the Competition. While it isn’t a sequel to 2007’s A Fistfull of Quarters it doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting, showing his rise into the record books in between his personal and professional life. Check out the first look at Doctor Kong.

Player 1, you’re needed in the OR

Doctor Kong (trailer) from on Vimeo.

Pretty good considering they started filming this before he became the new world champion at the barrell avoiding game. It’s like director Alexis Neophytides knew Hank was going to be a contender turned champ, with his beaming smile and personality. Already screened in Brooklyn, New York, the film has more screenings slated for later in the month. Billy has his “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant” chain and Steve has his “heart of gold” sportsmanship but Chien has a the new record (for now). He won’t have to use that “I’m playing Donkey Kong so I can get laid” after this hits the market, the wads of cash in his pockets should do all the talking now.

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Any self respecting nerd has seen the 2007 documentary The King of Kong (If you haven’t, then I feel the rest of us are in the right to call you an asshole.) For you lesser nerds out there, the film follows the epic  battle between Steve Wiebe and noted Donkey Kong/vintage video game champion Billy Mitchell, over the world record for Donkey Kong. The Mitchell-Wiebe rivalry, with thanks to the film, has made these guys famous. Legends in and outside the gaming world. With notoriety comes money, woman and… an arcade establishment? Yeppers.

While it’s been fun tracking the back and fourth battle between Wiebe and Mitchell for the world record (Steve Wiebe recently reclaimed the Donkey Kong World Record from Billy Mitchell before losing the title months later to Plastic Surgeon Hank Chien) these guys are well aware of their new found celebrity. Further branding their image for monetary gain is only obvious. Thus explains why Billy Mitchell has opened an arcade at Orlando’s airport under the film’s branding – with good guy Steve Wiebe gracing the entrance.

The small arcade is decked out with posters and signage from The King of Kong marketing, and even features a Donkey Kong mural on the walls. Notably, Mitchell’s arcade does not have a Donkey Kong machine – perhaps to keep someone (Hank Chien?) from beating the record in his own establishment. Mitchell’s arcade, as you can see in the video below, features a couple of Dead Heat cabinets, Terminator Salvation, two Super Bikes 1 setups, an Avatar pinball machine, plus an air hockey table and Aliens Extermination.

Seriously, what’s the point of having a Donkey Kong themed arcade with no Donkey Kong? It just further proves what a true-to-life villain Mitchell is. That bastard!

In The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters viewers watched as two men continually battled for the high score of the classic Donkey Kong arcade game.Watching all around good guy Steve Wiebe battle his rival, restaurant chain owner Billy Mitchell for the high score of a child’s game for 79 minutes. Billy didn’t even play the game once the entire film citing that “To me, most important is to travel to a sanctioned location, like Funspot that makes it official; if tomorrow Tiger Woods golfs a 59, big deal. If he does it at Augusta, that’s where it counts.” So in English that means “I don’t wanna lose on camera” Well looks like neither Steve or Billy is holding their barrel high today as they can no longer call themselves ‘The King of Kong’. In what was a battle of two on film is actually a battle of three as a New York Surgeon has clutched the crown away from the bitter rivals.

Who is this mystery man?

According to tracking group Twin Galaxies, Donkey Kong player Hank Chien has once again snatched victory away with a current official high score of 1,068,000 in Donkey Kong points. That must have taken a handful of tokens and a ton of pepsi just to stand in from of an arcade machine and ruin a child’s day. Imagine having to watch a grown man, 3 to 4 times your age, play the same game from sun up to sun down. This is a brawl that’ll keep rolling right into 2011, with Wiebe giving Donkey Kong another reach around by playing at an event this weekend. As for a 3 player 3-way, it’ll be a Chien vs. Mitchell vs.Wiebe score-off planned for March.

How long will this high score hijinx continue for until we see a drive-by barrel tossing and someone loses a life? It should be fine though, with all the time these 3 have been playing this game they should know that the only real danger is those little flaming guys.

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Leave it to good ol’ Nintendo to try to trademark something ridiculous in order to use it for advertisement purpose. Donkey Kong Country Returns is set to release later this month (Nov. 21st  to be exact) and in order to promote DK’s return to the Country series gameplay, they went on to trademark the term “It’s On Like Donkey Kong.”

That’s right folks, the phrase that was featured in Ice Cube’s Now I Gotta Wet’cha will be used to get the new generation and old generation of gamers to play Donkey Kong on the Wii. Nintendo commented that the phrase has proved that DK is a pop culture icon and thus why they want to use it in order to promote the game.

Now I can only hope that Nintendo will try to trademark the line, “That ain’t a monkey hangin’ off ya back that’s Donkey Kong” from Project Pat’s Good Googly Moogly for their next DK game.

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With games like Marvel vs. Capcom and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (and it’s censored fatalities), we get sweet match ups between comic book characters and video game characters. But, with those games, there are limits to the roster. Well, David Stonecipher decided to step over that limit and give us four awesome “what if’s”. From Marvel to DC, to Nintendo these images will surely bring some cool scenarios to the minds of some you. Check all four images after the jump.



Ever since I started writing for this site, I have seem many (and have posted many) poster art posts and I think this may be one of my favorites since gaming is my second love (food being my first). Anyway, the Brians over at IGN has come up with some poster art for video games. The posters are basically retro advertisements but instead of regular products, these poster are advertising power up’s as products.

From Super Mario Bros. to Legend of Zelda, there are 12 posters and I wonder how many of ya’ll will be able to recognize all of them. The Bubble Bobble one is may favorite as well as the Metal Gear one. Click after the jump to check out the posters and tell us which one you like. (more…)