Donnie Darko

Most NerdBastards will first remember her for the role of Rocket in the 2011 movie Sucker Punch, but this NerdBastard had one of those “Oh Shit!” moments when I went to capture a picture for the post and saw this:

That’s right, she played Gretchen in Donnie Darko.

For those of you saying what’s Donnie Darko? . . . (Give me a minute . . . I am trying to not go on a nerd rant here, deep breath, 1,2,3,4,5,6 . . .) Go directly to your Netflix account and add Donnie Darko to the queue. You won’t be disappointed.

Back to the story. Jena Malone is in talks to take on the role of Hunger Games: Catching Fire tribute Johanna Mason. The character of Johanna Mason is said to have “a wicked ability to murder.” She won her Hunger Games by pretending to be weak and then picking off the other tributes one by one. She is brash, rude, and although a great character in the book, not a person most people would like in real life. She is pretty much a female version of a douschebag with a heart of gold.

Any thoughts on this casting news?



What ya see above is what if the internet named the Donnie Darko movie and you know what, it works since I have many friends who still has no idea what the movie is about (though, it took me twice). The fine folks over at CollegeHumor has come up and renamed nine movies with titles that pretty much explains the movie. From movies from the late 90’s to some recent films, check after the jump to see if you understand these internet titles of some known flicks.

Source: CollegeHumor