doom 4

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Now that the most wonderful time of the year for us gaming nerds has come and gone, I think it’s high time to get into the biggest hits and misses of what was, without question, a truly exceptional show. It’s difficult to think of another year (without any new console announcements) that was even close to matching this one in terms of excitement and excellent game announcements, and that’s really the best thing that could possibly be said about it. And so ladies and gentlebastards, without further interruption, I give you the 17 biggest hits and misses of E3 2015! (more…)


With E3, the most wonderful time of year for us gamers, well underway, Bethesda hosted a press conference to demo and reveal all of their wares to the gaming press last night. While most of the attention may be on the spectacular looking Fallout 4, Bethesda also finally showed us some tantalizing footage of their OTHER upcoming big game, Doom 4. Lucky for all of you, we’ve got a few of these videos here for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to have a clean pair of pants ready for the, erm, aftermath before you slam those play buttons. (more…)

Prepare to Meet Your ‘Doom… 4’


It’s been nearly 10 years since the release of the last Doom video game, which is a lifetime in the history of the video game business. But now there’s news that the beta version of the long-awaited Doom 4 will be coming to a video game console near you, and if you want, you best get your browser over to the website for the new Wolfenstein game and pre-order that sucker. (more…)