People out there like to mash some things together to see what comes out of it (in my case, that would be food since I’m a poor college student and would eat whatever I can make… and cause I’m fat). Over at Dorkly, they found this video that uses the Street Fighter 2 sound/voice clips to sing along with Doraemon’s opening theme song from the anime.

What? You dunno who or what Doraemon is? Well, he is a blue robatic cat (that lost his ears) that came from the future, who has a pouch that is filled with awesome tech stuff that he uses to help a boy named Nobita Nobi. Yeah…I’m n0t making this stuff up. Check the video out as I’m sure most of you would be saying the WTF at it.

Source: Dorkly


Being an Anime fan, I never really did do cosplay unless it was Halloween, but other than that I never thought to because of time and money and also who would want to see a fat Power Ranger. Later this month, Bandai will be releasing for about $10 a piece, these awesome baby clothing that are based from Anime shows and Tokusatsu as well. Tokusatsu are shows like Power Rangers and Kamen/Masked Rider, shows that Saban licensed and air in the 90s. On the top row, you have clothing based from Devilman from the TV Anime version of Devilman, Dorami and Doraemon from Doraemon fame, Ultra Seven and Ultraman from the Ultraman franchise. On the bottom you have the orange Turtle Gi from Dragon Ball, Shocker and Generation 1 Kamen Rider from the Kamen Rider franchise, Go Ranger Red and Go Ranger Pink from Japanese Generation 1 Ranger series, Go Rangers. These little clothing are just awesome and it’s obvious that Bandai is trying to capture the nostalgia for the parents then it is for the infants, I could easily say my Mom would have probably put me in the Devilman or Ultra Seven outfit because those were her favorites when she was a child since I wouldn’t have the option to decided what I wanted.

Source: AlafistaJapanator