This is so true, it is not even funny.

The original Super Mario Brothers videogame was the first I ever played on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and still remains the gold standard. They had some hits and misses (Mario is Missing anyone?) but still always rocked.

And the amazing Julia Leptit over at Dorkly decided to show tribute to these wonderful games by showing just how much one can learn from the Super Mario Brothers.

Be sure to check out the graphic below the jump, it is quite impressive!


Double Dragon Girlfriend


Ah, good old Double Dragon. If it wasn’t for this game, beat ’em ups wouldn’t have been popular back in the day and we probably wouldn’t have Streets of Rage without it, which would have meant that my childhood with the Genesis would have sucked.

The always funny folks over at Dorkly just posted their interpretation of the games final fight (when playing with two players that is) by doing what they do best. As much as it’s cool to have the brotherly love, this proves that when there’s a girl to save, these guys rather think with their other head.

Check the video out to see if either Jimmy or Billy gets Marian at the end. If there’s one thing, I say this video is a lot better and entertaining then the live action movie.

Via Dorkly


Oh the memories of playing Magic the Gathering during my lunch time. My friends and I had “It’s more mature than Pokemon so that means we’re mature and cool too” mentality. Either way, I got into it because I got into any CCG that interested me, just like the short lived Japanese Donkey Kong CCG that was based the CG graphics show.

While playing Magic, you’re bound to meet all sorts of people and that’s where Dorkly comes in. They made 7 awesome cards based on some of those folks. All seven cards are made well. They are all hilariously detailed and the picture of each “creature” properly fits well for their respected cards.

Click the jump button to check out cards, such as “Secret Gamer” and “Game Store Employee,” and see if you recognize any of them.

Source: Dorkly



Have any of y’all made a New Year’s resolution for 2011? Do they happen to be video game themed resolutions? I got a couple that involves me whoring more trophies than I usually do so that I can show off a bigger e-penis to whoever wants to look at it (please look at it).

The always funny folks at Dorkly set us up with seven known video game characters and their New Year’s resolution. From the Master Chief pictured above to Solid Snake, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and the silent Gordon Freeman, each character’s resolution fits well and bound to make you laugh (or at least chuckle).

So click the jump button to check the funny resolutions out and see if any of them will inspire you to make your own New Year’s resolution. Who know’s, maybe the one that has something to do with a bird that’s angry all the time will encourage you to have less nerd rage for the new year.

Source: Dorkly


When you play Call of Duty it’s you against the world, or at the very least six other people for ten mintues at a time. After all that fighting, all that carnage, what happens to your character? Does he just sit there and play with his joystick until you go back online? Not exactly, in the case of one player he wrote letters to his “family”. Having all that time and all he does is write letters to his wife and son. He might as well have been playing with his joystick, at least he would have had more fun with that. Enjoy these letters to “Cythina and Joey” from a man who will soon be back, after he’s done doing the dishes his mom told him to do an hour ago.



Back in August, the awesome folks over at Dorkly brought us wonderful books from the Mushroom Kingdom and this time they introduce us to 7 memoirs from the video game world.

From the Minecraft spoof shown above to King Hippo from Punch Out as well as a memoir from a Star Wars character. Check after the jump to see all 7 and see if there’s one you would really want to read.

Source: Dorkly


TMNT Fight Over Pizza (Video)

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 10.55.23 PM

Remember the old school arcade games you’d play with your friends?

There was always a moment where a lone power-up or health item would appear, and you’d all want it. But, how do you decide who gets the precious item?

The folks at Dorkly decided to show you how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles handle such problems

Yoshi Loves Birdo

Screen shot 2010-11-01 at 11.16.48 PM

All I can say is that this has to be the weirdest love connection ever.

I mean, everyone loves Yoshi. He’s green, loveable and can eat anything. But, at the same time., everyone hates Birdo. She (I am calling Birdo a she in order to avoid the confusion for Super Mario Brothers 2, where she is male, but wants to be female) fires eggs out of her mouth and is not the prettiest of characters.

But the question in everyone’s mind is, where does she get her eggs?

As love-struck Yoshi finds out in the video below from the mildly disturbed folks at Dorkly, it is not a pleasant answer.

Watch the video to see if true love can really overcome such obstacles!

Every Koopa Has Their Day

koopa(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Everytime you played ‘Super Mario’ it was always a pleasure to jump on those little green and red Koopa shells. Pisses of the Koopas to no end but hey, points are worth way more then hurting feelings (remember: sticks and stones). Now what would happen if the suspenders were on the other pair of pants? Well, thanks to Dorkly we all get to see the ‘powered up’ ego of one Koopa as his Goomba buddies shell him on.

See what happens when you get cocky? Even with star power you can still suck the big Pokey.

Via: Dorkly


The first Star Wars movie that was made (not the first chronologically – stupid prequels) has a fairly complex plot. It involves a hero discovering his destiny, the force, a lovable rogue, a princess in distress, robots and even laser swords.

But, what is that kind of story was told through social media? What is Luke, Leia, Han and all their friends were addicted to Facebook and told all their adventures through a Facebook thread?

Well, look no further than below, courtesy of