Double Dragon

And the greatest video game of all time is… Abobo’s Big Adventure (aka Abobo Vs. The NES Universe)

Abobo, the big bald thug from Double Dragon (the video game and very regrettable live- action film) is one of those classic 8-bit goons that time forgot, but here is….fucking up a horde of thugs from Kung-Fu Master, the old man from Legend of Zelda and Death from Castlevania, among hundreds of other NES characters. Yes, this is a real game! It’s coming, for free, from our new favorite friends at

Watch the head exploding, jizz inducing, rock your socks off trailer below:

It’s shit like this that keeps my faith in humanity. Seriously, fuck Arkham City, GW3, COD:MW3, Skyrim – Abobo’s Big Adventure is the most EPIC WIN in gaming history! Prepare for the power of Abobo!

Double Dragon Girlfriend


Ah, good old Double Dragon. If it wasn’t for this game, beat ’em ups wouldn’t have been popular back in the day and we probably wouldn’t have Streets of Rage without it, which would have meant that my childhood with the Genesis would have sucked.

The always funny folks over at Dorkly just posted their interpretation of the games final fight (when playing with two players that is) by doing what they do best. As much as it’s cool to have the brotherly love, this proves that when there’s a girl to save, these guys rather think with their other head.

Check the video out to see if either Jimmy or Billy gets Marian at the end. If there’s one thing, I say this video is a lot better and entertaining then the live action movie.

Via Dorkly