Superhero Fashion – Up, Up, and OY-VAY!


I am the first person to climb to a roof top and shout out loud that I know nothing about fashion except what Tim Gun tells me So with as little cringing, muttering, and rolling eyes I’ll try to take a look at Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection, which he showed off last Tuesday at New York Fashion Week.

Let’s start with the guys.

Look at the guys pictured above and shout out the first word that comes to your mind.




If we said the same word or if you could interchange your word with mine . . . don’t worry . . . we probably only agree on fashion.

If you shouted out a word that means the opposite . . . your probably already wearing something similar with the collar popped up.


I started with the guys because, as with most things, throw a woman in the mix and my brain functions lock up, I stutter, drool (just a little) and generally act the Nerd. Seriously, you could put a burlap sack on any of those women and I would think it’s brilliant fashion as long as I can still see a little ankle.

These ladies look a little beaten up though don’t they? The models look like the regular “Could use a Sandwich” girls of the runway, but take a look at their beat-up knees and the bruises on their legs, did they fall down a lot or was Jeremy Scott whipping them with willow branches in the dressing room?

Am I off base?

Should I be wearing the fashion pictured above?

source: comicsalliance

Sweep the Leg: An Ode to ’80s Douchebags


Movies in the 1980s saw more assholes than a proctologist convention. Seems like almost every movie released that decade had at least one character who was a complete douchecanoe and caused trouble for our heroes. And it seems like 90 percent of them were played by Billy Zabka, who is actually a nice guy in real life.

You don’t have to have been a child of the 80s to appreciate these chumpstains. Asshattery transcends the ages. But how well-versed are you in 80s bullies? The Huffington Post has created a montage of those very guys. How many do you remember?

And how was this video not sponsored by Summer’s Eve?

(via Slashfilm)