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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog was judged by yours truly to be the nerdiest musical ever made. If you have not seen it, then look it up…NOW. It’s only about 45 minutes long–I’ll be here when you’re finished.

Aren’t you glad I made you do that? Want more? Of course you do. And while it’s old news that a sequel is in the works, there hasn’t been many updates from the filmmakers. Which is understandable, as Joss and Jed Whedon have been ridiculously busy as of late.

Follow the jump to read what Jed had to say to Entertainment Weekly about the further adventures of Nerddom’s favorite lovelorn evil scientist:  (more…)


In all this hype leading up to the premiere of Agents of SHIELD – tonight at 8pm EST on ABC! – executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen have been giving all sorts of interviews. They gave one such interview today to The Hollywood Reporter, in fact. It’s full of all sorts of bits about their creative process, their expectations for SHIELD, and the trials of creating a superhero-less superhero show. It’s really great, go check it out.

But first! Let me draw your attention to this. THR, wisely, took the opportunity to get any info out of the pair about the much anticipated Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog sequel. What did they have to say?

Tancharoen: We wish we could be doing everything at the same time, but it’s always something that is in our hearts and always something we desperately want to do. But now Joss is away. He’s in London prepping, and we are here everyday consumed by this. But there are about six songs ready to go.

Whedon: In some form or another, it will exist. Obviously we’ve been saying that for a long time and it’s been slow going. But we never forget. It lives in our hearts.

Tancharoen: I will play Groupie #1 before you can call it Old Hag #1 (laughs).

Six songs, guys! That’s something, right!? Though I’ll admit, I don’t believe there’s any way in the forseeable future Whedon, his brother, Joss, or Tancharoen will find the time. And let’s not even imagine what the schedules of Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day (assuming her character would appear in a sequel), and Nathan Fillion are like!

Sheesh… more and more Dr. Horrible 2 sounds like a pipe dream, but what do you think? Will we see a sequel before we’re dead? Maybe they’ll just release the songs or even record a soundtrack only at some point?

The wildly popular webisodes of Nerdom’s Lord and Master Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog will be coming to a television near you. The CW will air the show in its entirety on October 9th, 2012 at 9 PM.

Is this really news?

Really, anyone who wants to see this or show it to a friend just has to have an Internet connection to watch the whole thing on the web. I guess if you’ve been dying to get your grandmother to watch this and she is deathly afraid of computers and all that pornography, this might help.

Now, if you were to have a Dr. Horrible party, invite all your friends to dress up, drink beer out of beakers, and sing the songs when the show airs in October, that would be epic!

Dr. Horrible should be the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the Internet.

Just to show how easy it is to watch Dr. Horrible on the Internet . . . here it is all together in one convenient video. Now grab your grandmother, tell her it’s a new Soap Opera spin off of General Hospital, and start the damn video.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is filled with some of Nerdom’s biggest stars, there’s creator Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and Simon Helberg.

Geek worlds collide in an upcoming episode when someone from the Whedonverse gets mixed up with the Winchester brothers. Executive producer Sera Gamble told TVGuide.com that Felicia Day will guest-star on the April 27 episode titled “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.”

We were so stoked that she agreed to do the episode because we’re all fan girls and boys here,” Gamble says.

The title is a reference to the bestselling Steig Larsson crime novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the acclaimed big-screen adaptation of the same name. Like Larsson’s protagonist, Day will portray a young woman who’s handy with a computer.

Everyone knows that Day has serious geek cred. She’s a true gamer, creator, writer, and star in the original web series The Guild, as well as appearing in numerous Joss Whedon projects such as Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Dollhouse.

“Felicia plays a girl named Charlie who is sort of a lowly tech working in one of Dick Roman’s companies,” says Gamble. “She’s an amateur computer hacker and unwittingly gets wrapped up in Sam and Dean’s problems. It’s a classic story of an everyday girl who does not want to be in a whistleblower position.”

It was the musical that swept the internet savvy, nerd world up in a wave of horribleness. In 2008 the entertainment world was suffering through the bleak time of the writer’s strike. Writers and actors were left with a lot of free time on their hands. So much free time these creative folks needed an outlet. Joss Whedon and friends brought to life, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog and geek cult phenomena was born. The web series starred Neil Patrick Harris as ne’er do well anti-hero, Dr. Horrible and Felicia Day as the sweet laundry buddy, Penny. She was the love interest to a triange formed with Nathan Fillion‘s, “heroic” antagonist, Captain ‘The hammer is my penis’ Hammer.

Since the web series hit and gained a massive legion of fans we’ve been waiting for a sequel. What else could Whedon and crew possibly be involved with?!? Whedon’s got that little super hero movie, The Avengers; Harris is starring in an unknown comedy series, How I Met Your Mother; Fillion’s on the other totally unpopular series, Castle; and Day is working on some web series no one’s ever heard of, The Guild & Dragon Age: Redemption. Obviously this is meant with heavy sarcasm, these people are incredibly busy!

In a recent interview with the New York Times Whedon let some titillatingly information about a sequel slip,

We’ve got several songs near completion and we’ve got a very specific structure. We’ve just all got jobs. And it’s not like Neil [Patrick Harris], Nathan [Fillion] and Felicia [Day] ain’t busy either. We get together at Christmas and family occasions, and then play each other our partial songs and go, “Yup, that’s still exactly as it was the last time we played it. We’re great.

So yes, it could be happening! At least we know the creative forces that be would like to see it happen. Plus, Miss Day could still be involved? Not to spoil but, she meets a very certain end in the web series so it what incarnation could she be returning? Let the speculations begin!

Whedon also let loose the sequel’s possible title, Dr. Horrible and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

source: Blastr