Dragon Ball Kai


Well folks, tonight is the night when we the filler free Dragon Ball Z story. That’s right, no Garlic Jr., no fake Namek, and any other pointless filler. Right now in Japan, Kai will start the Androids saga this coming Sunday at episode 58, which in Z it would be episode 126. Anyway, at 8 P.M. Eastern, Nicktoons will have an hour of the fast pace action and unfortunately it will be censored. The reason to check it out though is because of the all new dub script, in which it’ll be much closer to the Japanese script. Check after the jump to hear the English theme song of Dragon Soul and some clips from the show so that you know what to expect. For the folks that doesn’t get Nicktoons, can wait till later this year for Kai to air on CW’s fall line up or pick up the first boxset that is out now and available for DVD and Blu-Ray. (more…)

hsotdThis week, two anime trailers were released that are worth checking out. The first trailer is a peak at the upcoming new zombie anime, Highschool of the Dead. The manga has been on hiatus but soon to be back on track and seeing this trailer got me more excited for the franchise. The story follows a group of Highschool kids (and a school nurse who is stacked) going around looking for their relatives and trying to survive chaos around them. It’s got gore, sword and gun action, and best of all, boobs.

The other trailer is something that Funimation just recently released and that is the first full trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Kai DVD/Blu-Ray release. This is the first chance to check out the newest version of the dub and also, Gohan’s new voice actress. Gotta say, I like what I hear and knowing that this will also air on NickToons, it’ll bring a whole new audience to the Dragon Ball franchise. In case you didn’t know, Dragon Ball Z Kai is a “refreshed” version of DBZ with remastered footage and all new audio, both music and voice. Best of all, it has no filler, thats right, no Princess Snake, fake Namek, etc. Check after the jump for both trailers. (more…)

FUNiDBKaiWell, I wasn’t expecting this. yet alone NickToon’s to pick this up. Just this morning, it was announced that Nickelodeon spinoff channel, NickToons (which airs nothing but old and some new cartoons such as the new Iron Man cartoon), will start airing the filler-less Dragon Ball Z Kai starting in May. As said, Dragon Ball Z Kai is a remastered, re-cut version of Dragon Ball Z but with none of the fillers or extra stuff that wasn’t in the manga. The airing should coincide when th DVD and Blu-Ray is released. Of all channels, NickToons ends up picking this us and not Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. I know Toonami has died years ago but I was kind of hoping for them to pick up the series that helped get them ratings in the past, then again, they don’t even have Naruto: Shippuden, Disney XD does. Oh wells, anime on TV has been a bit rare lately seeing how most people that watches anime will watch it online anyways, either way, I’m glad to see DBZ Kai airing some where.

While writing this, it was just updated that they will also air a new Voltron, titled Voltron Panthera Force. No info on the show yet we should expect to see something soon. Hmmn, so we get a less screaming version of Dragon Ball Z Kai and a new Voltron…either way, one of these shows may ruin someones childhood.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

dragonball_047Wow…just wow. These figures totally destroy the Chinese bootleg figures I had when I was child, and I had a lot. Thanks to Dragon Ball Kai, the twenty plus year old series is getting more merchandise and it is a good thing because the figures that Banpresto will be releasing this year is just pure awesome. Figures basing from the Freeza Saga and the Android/Cell Saga (and a few based on the movies and video games), DB fans will have a lot to pick from. From the Creature Series Cell to a cute Freeza Plush and to yea, Raging Blast’s Super Saiyan 3 Broly and Vegeta, there is something for all fans. After the break, check out pics of the awesome figure and maybe you’ll be drooling like me…or not drool. (more…)

Funimation’s Katsucon Repot

key_art_funimationFunimation had its own Valentines Day announcement for Anime fans yesterday with two announcement. The first is about the Dragon Ball Z Kai DVD and Blu-Ray release and re-cast for characters. For those who don’t know what Kai is, it’s a re-telling of DBZ but minus the fillers, so its fast pace and follows the manga as closely as possible. The DVD/Blu-Ray will be released in sets of 13 episodes, with both having the 4:3 aspect (which can still be high definition if it isn’t 16:9, also the JPN Blu-Ray release is also 4:3).  There is so far only four re-cast for the English dub which are:
Gohan: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Bulma: Monica Rial
Chaozu & Puar: Brina Palencia
Narrator: Doc Morgan
Probably the biggest re-cast is Gohan seeing how he is one of the main characters and played a huge role during Android/Cell saga. The other announcement is that Funimation has the rights to distribute the Trigun TV series, which originally Geneon Entertainment distributed. Trigun, which features Vash the Stampede, was a big anime series that aired on Adult Swim and this will be the fans chance to get the series on Blu-Ray. Some are wondering if this is hinting that Funimation may license the upcoming Trigun film that will be released in Japan this April.

Once again, Funimation is trying to make my wallet cry. I want the Dragon Box DVD sets and I would like the Blu-Rays of Kai since I’ve been enjoying the fast pace of the show…ugh, I would even dress as Majin Buu screaming “Me gunna eat you up!” if I have to in order to get them.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork 1, AnimeNewsNetwork 2