Dragon Con 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 209

Part One of Beat Down Boogie‘s Dragon Con 2013 Epic Cosplay has hit the Internet and you won’t want to miss it. These guys scour the entire convention floor for some of the funniest, most creative cosplayers in the known world. This year was no different except that the guys from Beat Down Boogie have really stepped it up. You are going to enjoy this video.

Dragon Con is a smorgasbord of fabulous cosplay, 24 hours a day. After you watch the video go check out the Cosplay featured in Nerd Bastards’ Colossal Cornucopia of Cosplay Collections from Dragon Con 2013 at these three links:

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It’s time for round three of NerdBastards full contact Dragon Con 2013 Colossal Cornucopia of Cosplay Collection. Ring that bell and come out fighting! The first round raised your pulse rate, the second round battered you senseless, and this final round should drop you to the canvas for the long ten count.

Pictured above is the man himself, Adam Savage and his beautifully simplistic, yet utterly hysterical Dragon Con 2013 . . . I mean 3013 Cosplay.

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 491

Isn’t that how Harley Quinn got mentally twisted? I don’t think Charlie Brown can handle a Harley Quinn / Lucy hybrid. She won’t just be yanking a football out from Charlie Brown.

Check out the gallery below and let us know which were your favorites.



It’s quickly become a yearly tradition at Dragon Con and it’s an event I never miss: the official Venture Bros. party and costume contest hosted by Venture Bros. Blog. In years prior the party was always hosted in the Pulse Lounge which overlooks the Marriott lobby, but this year due to growing size and demand the party was moved to its own room in the bowels of the Hyatt. It sure made the party harder to find, and there was some outrage over being forced to lineup as if the party was a panel, but once inside (and once the bar showed up) tempers were calmed and everyone got down to business. I mean partying, everyone got down to partying.


Having more space definitely allowed for the party to get wilder than when we were all cramped in the Pulse Lounge, and since it wasn’t out in the open there weren’t any confused congoers wandering in and wondering what’s up with all the butterfly suits. The lights were turned down low and with music provided by black Sunshine the atmosphere was perfect for a party. And since we were tucked away in our own room there were “bouncers” managing who entered in order to keep the room from exceeding capacity. Something I completely understand and appreciate, but what I didn’t appreciate was the fact if I left the room to use the bathroom (which after a few drinks did become a necessity) I’d have to then stand in line and wait to get back in. Eventually, after frequently popping my head out to bug those watching the door if I could just run to the bathroom, I was allowed a quick potty break and reentry without having to stand in line. But still, I shouldn’t have had to press this issue as much as I did.


All right, so there were some growing pains this year, but it in no way hindered the fun as I still had an absolute blast at the party. And even with the low lighting I managed to snag plenty of cosplay pics. Here’s what I grabbed during the party,


Dragon Con 2013 Pics 438

Four days, six if you count Wednesday and Thursday, is a whole lot of convention to cover. Thrown in that it takes four major Hotels and numerous satellite hotels to handle the 50,000 plus attendees and 3500 hours of non-stop programming and your head will start to spin. Just like the first post of Nerdbastards Dragon Con Cosplay coverage, this one’s got a ton of great costumes found during the convention.

There were plenty of kids Cosplaying this year. The mini Deadpool and Spawn pictured below were a huge hit with many of the convention goers passing by. These little guys probably caused more bottlenecks in the Hotel hallways and walkways than any of the scantly clad cosplayers.

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 485

There are so many Cosplayers and costumes that it’s hard to decide which to take a picture of let along which of your favorite Sci-Fi and fantasy favorites to Cosplay. This guy decided that he wouldn’t decide and just do something from everything he loved. Can you count how many different franchises he Cosplayed here?

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 543

Here’s another gallery set of Dragon Con 2013 Cosplay pictures, which is your favorite?



Cosplay is one of the first things that you think about when someone mentions Dragon Con, that and one hell of a weekend long party. What really makes Dragon Con Cosplay stand head and shoulders above just about every other convention is the sheer number of people in attendance that come in costume during the event. Every convention has its fair share of Cosplay, but Dragon Con takes it to a new level.

There were a couple that stood out for me and my Dragon Con 2013 experience. One of my favorites was this:

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 478

Cosplaying for his hotel roommates that he hooked up and needed some privacy . . . Brilliant. Another great Cosplay that had some added drama was the Dragon Con TV Logo Lady:

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 281

All Friday night Dragon Con TV ran a runner under the screen asking her to come to the Dragon Con TV room so they could get her picture. This is a great example showing that people will Cosplay anything at Dragon Con, even Dragon Con TV. I’d like to add that Dragon Con TV did another great job this year with funny videos, shorts, and time fillers.

Check out the gallery below for the first set of Dragon Con Cosplay.


Dragon Con 2013 Pics 001

Dragon Con 2013 got started this year with an incredible crowd on Thursday night. That’s right, nothing is open, the dealer’s room is still frantically being set up, many of the special guests haven’t even boarded their flights to Atlanta yet, and the party is already in full swing. The picture above was taken around 10 am and the one below later that night.

Dragon Con 2013 Pics 319

In fact, from what everyone is telling me, the actual start of the party was Wednesday night, when many Dragon Con goers got an extra-extra day of partying and Cosplay in. A full day and a half before the official opening ceremonies.



Last Night at Dragon Con… Day Two


So last night, at Dragon Con…

Things were bumpin’ as it was Saturday night! Two of Dragon Con’s biggest parties went down: The Heroes and Villains Ball where cosplaying guests go straight to the front of the line, and the Last Party on Alderaan where you dance like there’s no tomorrow.

But before we could party away Saturday night we had to survive Saturday morning. That’s when the Dragon Con Parade invades downtown Atlanta. Thousands of spectators, con-goers and normies alike lined the streets to take in Atlanta’s largest parade and here are few of the highlights (including Ernie Hudson and Billy Dee Willaims!),


Last Night at Dragon Con… Day One

So, last night, at Dragon Con…

Well actually, before I get into last night, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact folks were already wearing stellar costumes like this,


And this,


And partying like this,

On Thursday night when Dragon Con hadn’t even officially begun!There’s so much happening at Dragon Con not even the four days the convention has allowed for can contain it. The party has been spilling over into Thursday evening for years now, but this Thursday easily had the largest crowd I’ve seen ringing in Dragon Con New Year’s.

Yes, Dragon Con New Year’s; a countdown to midnight celebrating the official start of Dragon Con.

Now that the con has officially started the real top notch cosplay has begun coming out. In the slideshow below I’ve included a few of my favorites from the first day of the con as just a tease of what’s going on,

Plenty more to come, too, what with the parade and the massive DC and Marvel photoshoots!