Dragonball Evolution

When you really think about it, the comic book movies that have come out in the past several years have been great. Now, they’re not Academy Award winning works of art, but at least they’re not Dragonball: Evolution. As a fanboy of something, if you’ve ever felt like you’ve been wronged, just think about how much worse the feeling could be if you were a DBZ fan who watched this hot mess. And now, it turns out that the man who wrote the screenplay, Ben Ramsey, is coming out and apologizing for what a horrid movie Dragonball: Evolution turned out to be.



In news that makes your stomach clench up, Lionsgate is working on a live action NARUTO. Hollywood’s track record with live action manga series is not something I would bet the rent on. Hell, I wouldn’t bet that nickel I found in the parking lot last week. Here’s how you can test it. Go to your local Anime Convention, stand near an exit, because you’re gonna want to make a quick departure, and yell out that anyone who didn’t like FOX‘s live action Dragonball: Evolution or M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Last Airbender can suck it. The angry mob will form quickly so don’t hang around long. Now some of you might be telling yourself, “Hey, this one might not be so bad, maybe even good!” Well, let’s look at it and see if there is any reason for hope. (more…)