DragonCon 2012

I’m sure some of you spent your Labor Day weekend outside, at a barbecue, maybe attending a nice fair or festival. Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed one of the last holiday weekends before we move into the seasons of less sunshine and more obligations. Me? Oh I raged for four days straight at the biggest nerd party of the year: Dragon*Con. Honestly, the weekend has been coming back to me in bits and pieces, especially as I scan through my Twitter account and think, “Huh? When did I tweet that?”

For those unlucky souls unable to attend Dragon*Con this year we here at Nerd Bastards tried to bring as much of the experience to you as our little smartphones would allow. I made sure to live-tweet panels I attended and our #DragonCon tweets – those I had room to tag anyway, for full panel live-tweets you’ll just have to search @nerdbastards during 8/31-9/1 – are available to check out, but here are a few of my favorites.

Yes, you read that right. John Barrowman kicked off his panel by mooning us. This was at 11:00 am, so good morning Dragon*Con, indeed. It’s really of no surprise, but Barrowman is one raunchy fella, his panels should come with an explicit warning. All the hijinks aside – of which there were many including Barrowman screaming, “Buff man!” running out into the audience and fondling a mostly naked man dressed as a Spartan from 300 – we did get some interesting info about upcoming projects. For instance, Barrowman knows who his secret, millionaire character on Arrow really is and says, “it’s AWESOME.” He also shared he is totally on board for more Torchword once he gets the call. And of that upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary, Barrowman added as an actor he’d understand if he wasn’t included, but as a fan he’d be “exceptionally disappointed” and “gutted” to not be involved. I think I speak for just about everyone when I say I’d love for him to be in Who‘s 50th and I really hope they don’t overlook him.



It was a highlight of my time at Dragon*Con last year and it was again this year, it’s the annual Venture Party at Dragon*Con hosted by the Venture Bros. Blog! The party is held in the Pulse Lounge which overlooks the Marriot’s lobby – providing unparalleled crowd watching – and it’s an awesome way to hang out, drink, a get to know other Venturoos at Dragon*Con. The party is chocked full of Venture Bros. cosplay. You can’t swing a dead Dean or Hank without hitting, well, a Dean or Hank. There’s also henchmen, Monarchs, Dr. Ventures, Captain Hatreds, and even costumes of some of the most obscure characters the show’s ever produced.

Here’s my sorry attempt to fit all The Venture Bros. cosplayers into one massive photo – I failed – but I managed to get almost everyone in at least one of these photos.


The sun rose and day three of Dragon Con 2012 started quietly with many a hung-over head and slow-moving-late-night-partiers. If you were lucky you might catch a few costumed walk of shames between hotel lobbies from late night hookups.

It quickly picked up though with lots of families and one day pass buyers flocking to the dealers rooms and panels. As the afternoon wore on the now recovered party people came out to start up the party machine that is Dragon Con. Believe it or not there were even more folks in costume trying to get that last night of partying in before the long weekend ended.

Take a look at the Cosplay pictures in the gallery below. There were a couple with some lighting issues, but you can still get the gist of the costume.

I had a great time cosplaying Bat-Mario and everyone seemed to get a kick out of the Mario Batstasche and the mashup of Mario and Batman. As someone who has not cosplayed much in the past, this weekend’s experiences have gotten me hooked. I’m already working on ideas for next year . . .

Dredd Mario . . . “I Amma Da Law ! ! !”

Day Two of Dragon Con was packed. Just moving between hotels took twenty minutes, it was get in a line, to get in the line, that moved in a line, to get to the other hotel, forget about short cuts, those were packed too.

The DC Cosplay photo shoot was held and there are a number of pictures included in the gallery below. After standing in the sun while photos were taken Dean Cain came out and talked for a minute, took a picture and then called out a woman’s name. Dressed as Batgirl she came out and her Batman clad boyfriend proceeded to propose to her. It was fun, and everyone clapped.

The halls were full of Cosplay and there were some great group costumes. The Tetris group were a hit. Take a look at the gallery below and let us know who your favorite is in the comments section below.

Day one at Dragon Con was fantastic. Huge crowds, lots of Cosplay, and plenty of things happening left and right. There were some terrific costumes and some great people to talk with.

It was a lot of fun walking around taking pictures and having my picture taken dressed as Bat-Mario, but you don’t want to hear about that, you just want to see some Dragon Con Cosplay. Friday is the big Marvel shoot so there’s a lot of Marvel costumes in the mix. Saturday is the DC shoot and we’ll be bringing  you those pictures tomorrow.

It was  along day and this NerdBastard is tired as hell. Enjoy the gallery below. Check back for even more Dragon Con Cosplay tomorrow.


It’s Labor Day weekend and that means it’s time for Dragon Con, the biggest, nerdiest, geekiest party and Cosplay convention in the world. Dragon Con is like no other convention you’ve ever been to . . . unless you’ve been to Dragon Con before.

Dragon Con is part Comic book, part Gaming,

part Cosplay, part Anime, part Sci-Fi, and all party!

Two of your NerdBastard staff writers (Sarah Moran and I,  Mark Poynter) are going to be getting an up close, personal look at the festivities and bringing you all the details that make Dragon Con the crazy weekend it is.

The guest list includes Stan Lee, Adam West and Burt Ward, Lavar Burton, Bruce Boxleitner, Alice Cooper, Micheal Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Katee Sackhoff, Felicia Day . . . the list goes on and on, just about every fandom is represented and there are “tracks” of programming with panels and discussion groups to represent each.

Sarah and I will be posting as the weekend progresses so shoot us a comment on Facebook if there’s something you’re interested in that we could check out for you.

Here’s a couple of tips if you’re going to attend Dragon Con:

1. Relax – Don’t let the hustle and crowds get the better of you. Yes, some lines will be long, waiting for an elevator will suck, people will bump into you, people will smell, don’t let that get to you. You’re there to have fun, remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.

2. Hydrate – It is hot and muggy in Atlanta Ga. and you should make sure that with all the walking around you’ll be doing that you keep yourself hydrated.

3. Drinking – There will be lots of drinking at the convention in the after hours, so be sensible, responsible, and look out for each other. Don’t leave your wing-man or wing-girl, stay on target.

4. Money – Go to the bank before you go to the Con, ATMs will run out of cash by Saturday morning. Keep your wallet or bag close and don’t let it out of your sight. Things will walk off with so many people and there will be people there looking to take advantage of your inattention. The same goes for your Con badge, never put it down unless you’re at home or in your hotel room, lose your badge and your convention will suck.

5. Celebrity Guests – Don’t be surprised if some don’t want to shake hands. Convention crud – getting flu like symptoms after a con is legendary and many won’t shake hands because of it. Who wants to be sick for a week after Dragon Con? Be respectful; of their work, their time, and their person. If you see a convention guest going through the hall they might be on the way to a panel full of waiting fans, already spent 3 straight hours signing and taking pictures with fans, not had lunch, or simply tired and ready to go to their room. Let them do their thing, certainly say hi and ask about taking a picture, but don’t get upset if they say they can’t.

6. Last but not Least – Make sure you are not one of the smelly people. Even with everything going on there is always time for proper hygiene. Who knows, you might meet that special someone at the con. You’ll want to make a good first impression.

Some of you may remember that last year I Cosplayed M.O.D.O.K. pictured below:

This year I had a crazy idea of combining two of my nerdy loves . . . Batman and Mario, thus the birth of Bat-Mario. The only thing not handmade is the black paperboys hat.

(A special thanks to Luke for photo shopping up my Bat-Mario picture.)