HBO‘s Game of Thrones Facebook page had a live event today that featured a block of ice with the Game of Thrones season seven premiere date frozen inside. Fans commented and shared to melt the ice and reveal the date. You can skip the wait and watch the video below and skip to the end where there is a nice teaser for season seven. Check it out and an interesting poster that is floating around the Internet that might just change the game in Game of Thrones. (more…)


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ABOVE: Han Solo Carbonite toilet seat. I think Han would prefer Disintegration to this fate. [Geekologie] (more…)


Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about ACTUAL dragons, not George R.R. Martin’s…um…

Anyway, Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin has spoiled just how big Daenerys Targaryen’ dragons could get when they aren’t tiny, scaly, fire-burping babies anymore. Martin posted the above image, along with an an excerpt from his upcoming companion piece, The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the World of Game of Thrones. The image shows Aegon the Conqueror riding his dragon Balerion the Black Dread and is quite explicit in its depiction of the beast.



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On with the dump!

Above: The third phase of the Marvel universe is still a long way away, but that hasn’t stopped fans like AndrewSS7 from making their own Ant-Man movie posters. Featuring his own take on Henry Pym’s Ant-Man armor,it paints a pretty convincing movie poster that Marvel might want to snatch up. [Geek Tyrant]

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You couldn’t swing a battle ax without hitting some Game of Thrones news these days. Hmm, might have something to do with the show’s return this Sunday, or we all secretly –  or not so secretly – wished we lived in a land of direwolves and dragons. Speaking of, have you ever wanted your own direwolf? Duh! Of course you have, who hasn’t!? Your dream might just become reality if you look into the American Alsatian Breeders Association’s Dire Wolf Project. Breed founder Lois Schwarz says the purpose of the project is to bring the look of the now extinct dire wolf – okay, so they’re not exactly the direwolves of Westeros – into a domesticated dog breed. Since no genetic material of the long gone dire wolf exists they’re using American Alsatians because of their shaggy, wolf-like appearance, large size – they can reach 130 lbs! – and calm, friendly demeanor. Go check out Wired’s report – including adorable puppy pictures! – for more info.

And also from Wired, what are the chances The Wall that protects the southern realms from wights and white walkers could actually exist? As it is in the books as well as the television series? Not very likely. Wired spoke with engineer Mary Albert of the Ice Drilling Program Office at Dartmouth College who said,

Even at very cold temperatures, large ice masses deform under their own weight. And over long time scales, ice flows, so it would not hold its original shape for thousands of years.

Hmm, not looking very good for the 700+ ft structure. Assuming it even was possible to construct a wall of ice on this massive scale physicist Martin Truffer of the University of Alaska Fairbanks adds,

You would need a slope of at least 1 to 20 to stop significant deformation. So to keep it 700 feet high, I would estimate that wall to be about 40 times that in width.

There’d be no way anyone could break through that wall! Or, come anywhere near it since it would occupy such a large chunk of the north. Thankfully, in George R.R. Martin‘s world we can just chalk up The Wall’s existence and integrity to magic. Aw yeah, magic.

Hit the jump to read what showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have to say about looking forward to Season 4 – damn! Season 3 hasn’t even aired, yet! – plus Daenerys’ new reality show, and Jon Snow’s rap about the Night’s Watch.



When the third season of Game of Thrones returns this weekend the most noticeable difference will be the size of Daenerys’ dragons. No longer are they small and cute and capable of chillin’ on Dany’s shoulder. No no, these dragons are growing, and this latest promo for Thrones offers our best look at them yet,

How cool is that final shot of them souring above, I believe, Astapor, the city where she’ll seek to purchase an army of slaves. They look fantastic, don’t they? I knew these dragons had to get bigger for this season as they become a much more valuable weapon in Dany’s arsenal, but I wasn’t sure how far HBO would go. Doesn’t look like they’re pulling any of their punches, these dragons look fierce!

Hit the jump for another video of David Benioff and Dan Weiss chatting more about what’s coming in Season 3, plus a hilarious historical recap of the Targaryen family.



There’s just two weeks left until the premiere of season 3 of George R.R. Martin‘s Game of Thrones and HBO is really cranking up the marketing to make sure everyone knows the show is coming back. Two teaser trailers were released, War and The Beast, then over the weekend a new full trailer. Things are heating up in Westeros and there’s going to be blood, lots of blood, and some burning, don’t forget the burning. Dragons like to burn things don’t they?

The celebrated ensemble cast of Game of Thrones includes Emmy winner Peter Dinklage, soon to be seen in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, and new comer Ciaran Hinds (Rome, John Carter) as Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. I’m excited to see Hinds join the cast, he was fantastic as Julius Caesar in Rome and I look forward to seeing how he handles the character of Rayder.

Check out the trailer and teasers below and let us know what you are most looking forward to in season 3.


The Beast:

Game of Thrones marches it’s way back onto television screens March 31st, 2013. Get your viewing party started!

Via: Screenrant


Aww, just look how cute little Drogon was! Come this season, Dany’s precious babies won’t be able to catch a ride on mom’s shoulder anymore, or be so easily carried around in baskets. Get ready to see these dragons grow. Continuing their Game of Thrones countdown, EW talked to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss about the growing pains of dragons and direwolves.

Benioff: This is an interesting time for the dragons. When they were born they were adorable. Last season, as you say, they were still kind of cute. But now they’re turning into proper flying dragons. One of the interesting things about the books, and hopefully the show, is that the weapons of mass destruction in this world are living breathing things. And as they get older that presents problems.

Weiss: They’re still cute to Daenerys. They’re her babies. But her babies can burn down a house in a few minutes and they’re getting increasingly terrifying to everyone around her. At some point she will have to reckon with the fact her babies are all grown up.

We saw a glimpse of Drogon flying around a ship in the trailer, that’s the size of dragons we’re dealing with this year. And they’ll feature more prominently, too. The dragon shadow emblazoned on Season 3’s poster was no accident. The wolves though, they’ve grown, too, but less drastically. In Season 2 the direwolves were actually real wolves enhanced and enlarged by CGI. In Season 3 it’ll be the same process.

Weiss: We did some testing and at a certain point they look unreal. We reached a nice balance with them. And frankly, no matter how much money you spend on CG wolves — and we’ve seen the best that’s out there, state of the art, and some of it looks great — it still doesn’t look move and feel like a real animal.

Benioff: With dragons, you get some leeway. You can’t say, ‘Well, that doesn’t look like a real dragon.’

Weiss: With a wolf, you have a million years of evolution telling you what they’re supposed to act like.

I thought last year’s direwolves looked excellent, much better than what they’d have been able to achieve with full CGI. What did you think? And are you excited for dragons? Dumb question, of course you are!

Game of Thrones returns on March 31st. That’s only 17 days away!!


UPDATE: In addition to the trailer there’s also a new poster for Game of Thrones Season 3, which you can see above, click it to embiggen. And as I’ll be repeating later on, motherfuckin’ dragons!

After debuting last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the trailer for Season 3 of Game of Thrones has become available online. I’ve already watched it about 10 times… I’m that excited. This trailer perked me up more than a cup of coffee. I mean, I mean– oh, just watch it!

First off, DRAGONS. Motherfuckin’ dragons. No longer tiny enough to sit on one’s shoulders but instead fly around and burn whole ships! I was curious how big they’d be this season knowing they’ll be asked to perform larger incendiary tasks, but seeing one flying around in the trailer was a sure treat.

A couple other things I picked out: Thoros of Myr with his flaming sword, The Hound fighting members of the Brotherhood, something nasty happening to Jaime, Dany and her new Unsullied army, Mance Rayder and wildlings and white walkers, oh my!, Joffrey being a dick, and Tyrion sporting that lovely battle scar. Actually, I’m a little disappointed by his scar because as it’s described in the book he loses half his nose, but I understand they couldn’t actually mutilate Peter Dinklage. And besides, he was already far more attractive than Tyrion had any right being.

But still, guys, DRAGONS! I’m so pumped. What did you think of the Season 3 trailer? Does it have you quaking with excitement for March 31st? If you’re looking for screencaps of every awesome moment head on over to Winter is Coming’s Tumblr.

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Dr. Teeth, Animal, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Janice and Zoot, the one and only Electric Mayhem -before Lips came in and ruined it with his trumpet. Douglas Holgate made this kick ass looking tour poster that looks to be pulled from our parents closets. This must have been an early in their career though since Zoot is nowhere to be seen, either that or this was during the first of his many drug-related offences. [The House Of Skullduggery]

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