If there’s one thing that was lacking in previous incarnations of Star Wars films, it was women. Think about the first three films for a moment. There were three ladies in the first film and one of them was burned to cinders right in the beginning. With the leading ladies of the new Star Wars flicks taking the spotlight, it seems that the upcoming film featuring our favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder will premiere a special new lady for Star Wars fans… a female droid.


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Above: Is a Zombie bite contagious to aliens species? No idea, but Andy J. Hunter is going to help us find out soon enough thanks to changing up this famous E.T. scene to a full out zombie horde. Elliott is going to have to pedal fast if he wants to stay ahead of the undead shambling because all the magic fingers in the world aren’t going to save him now. E.T. gonna hunger for flesh. [Geek Tyrant]

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Angry Birds – A Time for Peace?


When you play Rovio’s “Angry Birds” mobile game, do you feel vindicated when your birds squash those egg-stealing pigs? Or are you more empathetic to the swine, who just need some eggs for their… super secret egg project (?)? No matter which side you’re on, now is the time for peace. Maybe.

Below, check out this video of what started out as a peace treaty signing among the birds and the pigs — and what ended up badly for one particular side. (source: Kotaku)

When you’re finished doing your victory dance or crying in shame, consider going to an official Angry Birds meetup in or near your city. Saturday, Dec. 11, is “Angry Birds Day,” and in celebration, you’re invited to be part of a flash mob celebrating the birds’ world dominance. The largest meetup to date is New York City, but there’s plenty of time to gather friends in your own town. Check out the details here.

And for the hell of it, enjoy this photo from Halloween of my boyfriend and me in our homemade Angry Birds costumes:


This is a shot from Star Wars Celebration V of the special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 that’s dropping in September. Finally, an arguable reason why the Droid might be better than the iPhone. The special version of the phone will feature exclusive Star Wars content (sounds, video clips, TESB wallpapers, original artwork, movie stills, widgets, special apps, and something called “Jedi training.”) and external hardware designed to look like everyone’s favorite astromech droid from the film saga. No price has been announced, but details will come forward as the date nears.

Fuck, I’m a loyal iPhone user and I want this. I want it NOW.

Droid vs iPhone


Before you’re allowed to get to the actual article, I want to preface by saying I’m an unbiased party in the way that I own a Droid but am also an Apple fan, having an iPod Touch and a Macbook Pro, so I’m for both sides.  Okay, read on…


Best Apps For Droid


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Last week I happily unwrapped my package containing my brand-spankin’ new Android, Verizon’s answer to the iPhone rage. My biggest complaint matches up with the 1.9 million reviews I read (ok, maybe it was only 1.8 million, but still). The battery life sucks. I’m used to going days without charging my trusty old Blackberry 8703e — even with lots of phone and data use. Oh, how I miss the sweet sweet days of Blackberry’s battery life.

But that was yesteryear. I now own a Droid Eris, not to be confused with Motorola’s bulkier, more pricey Droid with the enticing slide-out keyboard. So far: I really like this phone in spite of the battery life. Verizon’s coverage rules and so far, being new to smartphones, I’m pretty happy with some of the apps in the Droid Market. Here are my top picks…SO FAR: (more…)